Monday, July 8, 2013

Officially Forrest

Yesterday afternoon, our darling baby was given a name and blessing.

After his Father successfully secured the name, "Forrest," when he was born, the blessing began with Andrew unintentionally changing his name to Daniel (well, almost.) As he began to announce his name, I heard a distinct 'D' sound. I couldn't believe it. He paused, as he caught himself, and proceeded to say his actual name, Forrest Daniel Flegal.
 Forrest says, "Oh my goodness!  Really?"

The truth is, he's our Forrest. It's his name. And I have grown to love it. My affection for it happened quite easily. Attached to this face, you can understand why.
 He is two months old today, by the way.
Whose brilliant idea was it to stare straight into the sun?!
As I was saying, yesterday was a special day for our family. It seems cliche and ordinary to simply say that Andrew did a "good job" as he blessed Forrest. I just cried into the back of Lottie's head, she was in my lap at the time, as I listened to the special (there's that overused word again!) things that were said.

Usually, Andrew is a man of few words. On the other hand, I love words! I use many words on a daily basis; my poor family. So when my sweet, generally soft spoken, spouse stands to bless our child (or anyone else for that matter), I feel a surprising sense of awe.
His voice was both tender and powerful.. The poetic promises were comforting. I know that raising kids is serious business, which is why I appreciated hearing the reminder that we are not alone in our parenting efforts.  

 Thank goodness, right?  Because, my word, that's a lot kids!

We were fortunate to have Andrew's parents, my parents, the Chamberlains and my brothers Mike, Matt and their cute families attend. After the meeting, it was back to our house for dinner...and for Lottie, we scheduled an emergency nap. The poor girl fell apart after Church. 

The second photo from the top, Andrew is pinching Forrest's cheeks. Look who I found doing the same thing later that day?
 Father like son
 This magic thing happens when our cousins come to play. The big kids disappear into a blissful place of happiness that doesn't allow for much interaction with grown ups. Call me a bad Mom, but I love it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

In my last post, I mentioned that we picked up a free play set and hauled it home on the 4th. Here it is.
The kids love there new jungle hide-away. I love that it sits in the shade all day and that I have a clear view of them from inside the house.
And finally, to my sweet baby boy:
I love you so very much. Thank you for your smiles, cuddles and all your baby needs that require us to maintain closeness. :) Sometimes I'm tired and sometimes you have to wait when I'm helping one of your siblings and for that I apologize. The good news is, your brother and sisters are wild about you. You have a lot to look forward to. Pretty soon I will have four little monkeys up in the tree fort. But, if you don't mind,  take your time growing up. Please?


jamie t. said...

That last picture is priceless! You have such a beautiful family. PS: are you on instagram? :)

Vause Family said...

Oh Ali, that beautiful boy! He is precious, along with all your other kids. And they new playhouse?! Can't get over that. Miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

Oh my he has a sweet face!

Audra said...

Your hair has gotten so long! so happy for your cute family of 6!