Monday, July 22, 2013

Prelude to A Vacation

Monday afternoon I loaded up the car with suitcases, sand toys and sunscreen! After days of preparation, we were finally ready to head up to Bear Lake!


I am not exaggerating when I use the phrase 'days of preparation.' With Forrest's schedule to work around and a husband who has to work late hours, the packing happens in pieces. Imagine that it's the Tuesday before our trip, as an example. Laundry becomes that day's priority. Piles of clean clothes crop up in random bedrooms. The incomplete piles, their chosen location and current status make perfect sense to {only} you.

The next day, you have to argue your case as to why your 7 year old daughter can't bring a hand me down, three sizes too big, bikini (say it with me girls: modest girls are the hottest girls) as you focus on packing the swim bag which contains suits, sunscreen, swim diapers, towels and other beachy necessities. You anticipate what possible illnesses may arise as you sift through your medicine cabinet that day as well.  It scares you how many potential disasters there are to be ready for.

The weekend, fingers crossed, is reserved for a final trip to the store sans children. You've fed the new baby, checked the clock and invite an older child to come with you so that you can add in some 'special' one on one time. As you make your way outside, you discover... GASP... your car won't start. After your mechanically inclined husband checks things out, it's determined that your car battery is kaput! $130.00 dollars later, you're finally on your way... only now, your breastfed infant is going to need you that much sooner; a situation that causes your at home husband great stress. The magical trip to Target you once hoped to enjoy, has now turned into a mad, frantic rush of a situation. He calls so you can hear that your baby is crying screaming. You check your watch.

"It's only been two hours, he'll be okay. I'm on my way." Except you really aren't. You try to reassure him. You instruct your seven year old to keep up as you begin to speed skip your way to the checkout stand. With the hours you've spent trying to pack, there's still more to be done. The day of travel arrives. You anticipate coming home to something smelling off. The thought frightens you. Once again, as you dance around your baby's needs (and your three other children...they need you too... especially the one who is in the process of potty training) you clean your house. You need a nap. Too bad. It's time to go!

You load the car. Magically everything fits. You fill the car with gas, cave for a Diet Coke, and say a prayer as a family for safe travels. Andrew is finishing up a day of work which leaves you at the helm. He'll catch a ride later with my Dad. With my Mom, cousin Emilee and my four Fleglets packed in the van, we go on ahead.

Arriving at Bear Lake feels like a major accomplishment. I don't love driving on free-ways. I have a little PTSD from a past car accident, so like I said... I feel accomplished. Other than a few patches of road construction up Logan canyon, the drive passed without incident. Hooray.

The welcoming view of the beautiful lake and a car full of excited kids was highly rewarding. Forrest did his part by behaving beautifully the whole way. After exploring the cabin, we headed into town for dinner and raspberry shakes.
My art enthusiast soon asked her Nana, who is likewise an art enthusiast, if they could color together.
 And then it was time for the older kids to explore.
While my Mom, Lottie, Forrest and I soaked in the view.
Tired as can be, I was happy to be there. The rest of our family soon rolled in. Vacation was code for 'relaxation' in a past life. These days, it's spelled: w-o-r-k! But when you're with family and your kids are having fun, it's the best kind of work there is.


rachel garber said...

So glad you write all these things for me to read and love. I do love every word of them. Your comment about vacation being work reminded me of season 1 Modern Family where Claire tells Phil (when they land in Maui) that 3 kids in Hawaii isn't a vacation, it's a business trip. Keep 'em coming! (the posts that is :) )

jamie t. said...

Sorry of a mother's life trying to get ready for a trip. We are headed to bear lake in a few weeks and you made me extra excited!

jamie t. said...

Story of.... :)

*Jess* said...

Target should never be rushed like that! You poor thing :(

And breastmilk is completely digested in the span of 45 minutes, so be thankful he lasted 2 hours :)

Anonymous said...

Family trips are the complete opposite of vacations! Vacations happen when you go away with just your husband!

Anonymous said...

And I really dislike the modest is hottest phrase. Do you really want your beautiful daughter to be "hot?" That is again putting the focus directly on the body. Sorry just my .02

Ali said...

Dear Anon...

The phrase 'modest girls are the hottest girls' is something I saw on a shirt once upon a time. It's not something I have ever reiterated to my seven year old. The word 'hot' she associates with the weather and that's about it. I was using it on my blog to illustrate in a quick way that we are strict about modesty at our house. She's been taught that we dress modestly because our bodies are special (temple analogy) etc. It's not a phrase I chant while we're getting dressed on Sunday morning. :)

Karina said...

Oh my, I totally agree! Vacations are SO much work. No one told me - I wasn't prepared for that part of motherhood! Jealous about Bear Lake - sounds so fun!