Friday, July 19, 2013

Stress Relief

Let's rewind to last Friday, shall we?

It's 4:00 pm, arsenic hour, at the Flegal house. I am on the phone with my Mom venting my momentary frustration. I've had another long day. Andrew's 40 hour work week has turned into a 65+ hour work week. I can't remember when the kids last  interacted with him. I wonder if he'll be home for bedtime. I'm not complaining (yet), just stating the facts.

To my Mother I say,

"Lottie and Henry have been pushing each others buttons all day!" And it's true. They tease and torment one another in a way that only tightly bonded siblings can. The sound of this conflict dissolves my sanity. I'd rather wake from the peaceful realm of slumber to the sounds of a hungry, demanding newborn than listen to them fight. To be fair, I haven't been on my best behavior either. Trying to organize and pack for an upcoming vacation, care for our baby, fulfill my church calling and potty train Lottie (which I can now deem a success!!!) while maintaining other parental duties left me drained. Patience was on short supply. Still on the phone with my Mom, I search for a remedy.

"We've been going to bed too late. I'm putting my kids to bed early tonight." I announce. Having spoken the thought, I feel relief. And then I get a text from Andrew.

"Do you want to take the kids bowling tonight?" My answer was immediate.

"YES!!!" Smothering the protests of the planner within and silencing the suggestion that sleep would probably be best, I dropped the plates of responsibility I'd delicately been trying to balance and got us ready to meet Andrew at Fat Cats.
Our family was treated to a fun night of pizza and bowling by a very kind friend.
Daddy reconnected with the family he works so hard to support.
Forrest slept in his car seat for much of the evening. He woke up at the end to catch a little piece of the bowling action. 

Lottie asked to use the bathroom while we were there. It was her first public potty outing... definitely a milestone that I was thrilled she reached.
We bowled right through that planned bedtime, came home late and we're all the better for having done so.
And by the way, Ogden is really great place to live. 
 In the background, you can see our temple that is currently being re-constructed.
While Moms focus on providing 'fun moments' for their kids, we sometimes forget that we need to have fun too. An early bedtime would have been nice but Andrew's idea that we play with our kids was better.


Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

good decision. They say a change is as good as a vacation. (well I don't totally agree with that), but changing things up does really help.

rachel garber said...

I didn't know that is the city you live in! We drove through it on our way to get to Idaho/Oregon/Washington and then again on our way home and ate at your Artic Circle. Then Garbs announced that once upon a time he almost moved there for college. It is a great town, you are right!

Katie Jensen said...

Why do we plan? It usually falls apart on me anyway :).