Monday, August 12, 2013

Dim the lights. Cue the music. "Let Fun Reign"

(written tuesday aug. 8)

Learning to laugh at life's awkward moments, as opposed to being scarred by them, is a mentality I'm trying to adopt. It's in keeping with that spirit that I begin today's post.
We're in the thick of swimming lessons. While getting the five of us out the door each morning in a safe, sane and timely manner takes great pains effort, it's been a successful and positive experience. I'm grateful for Eliza and Henry's progress and for Lottie's celebratory attitude each morning. When I remind the crew that we're going to swimming lessons again, it's Lottie's arms that fly into the air. It's her voice that shouts,


She joyfully plays her part as the spectator each morning as we situate ourselves up in the bleachers. Someday, very soon I'm sure, she'll be the star of each show as she gets old enough to participate. Until then, I will keep a hefty supply of suckers on hand as we take these things in together. I sure love that buddy of mine.

Speaking of buddies, I befriended another 'Swim Mom' this week. With her four little ones in lessons and a baby on the way, it seems that two of us have an endless supply of topics to pull from. Most of the time, we're on the same page; whether it's how we feel about birthday parties, to how we manage the lovely chaos that children bring and our shared appreciation for epidurals (among other things).

When you {think you} know someone well, there can be an inclination to finish their sentences; to complete their thought in way of support and validation. What's that, dear reader? Oh, I see.  You're actually polite and let people talk without interruption. I so admire that about you. I'll work on it. Because guess what happens? Often times, like this morning, I am dead wrong in what I think someone might say.

It wasn't terribly awful, the cheesy recovery after was probably worse then the misstep in conversation now that I think back on it.

We were discussing hospital stays. She begins,

"I'm all about..." And then I rudely interrupt,

"taking a vacation at the hospital, right? Enjoying the help of nurses, the room service and all that other good stuff? Because I have friends who are just itching to get home."

"Actually no. I can't wait to leave the hospital." Crickets chirp.

"Oh ya.I totally get it... sleeping in your own bed. That's really nice too." Except that you don't sleep because you're up all night with your new baby. Where are the compassionate, capable nurses who will put him back to sleep for me?  Where's that tray of food that magically appears after a quick phone call to the kitchen? Did I mention I don't have to clean up after myself either? I just get to snuggle my baby!

And then, to 'recover' the conversation it's,

"Yes. But there's nothing like it, is there? It's such a special thing to have a baby." Good grief. My comment reads like a bad Hallmark card. I hope she's still my friend tomorrow.

Andrew came to watch the kid's swim yesterday. Henry was so cute as he'd holler up to Andrew from the pool, "HI DAD!" It sure made him smile.

After lessons, we asked the kids to huddle up for a picture. Instead of the usual, "Say Cheese!," I instructed:

"Say, 'Let's go to Lagoon!" doing as they are told, they repeat: 'Let's go to Lagoon!'

"Okay. Let's go." Andrew replies casually. Disbelieving Eliza spits back,

"Really? Like today?"

"Like right now!" Fist pumps, cheers and massive happiness spreads among them. Lottie goes along with it, not exactly sure of what going to Lagoon means. It was a fun parenting moment, that's for sure. The day unfolded as well as can be expected with four little ones. It was full of really great moments;  with the exception of trying to finish my Mom's sentence in the parking lot of Lagoon soon after we arrived. (Will I ever learn?!)
We were talking about Lagoon's advertising. Just as she's about to say how much it gets under her skin, I begin to praise how much I like the sentimental take they've spun on it this year. And for the second time that day, the crickets began to chirp.

Before I splash the pictures of our merriment and fun, I will mention that Lottie was kicked in the nose by a child that was being picked up by their Mother while waiting in line for a ride. Calmly she informs me,

"Hey Mom, do you see the blood in my nose?" Sure enough, her nose was bleeding. It was minor. Did you know, by the way, that in our family nose bleeds are contagious? Not having bumped his nose at all, Henry's nose begins bleeding profusely 15 minutes later as he and I stood in line for Bombara (the child friendly roller coaster). Having left my diaper bag with my Mom, we awkwardly (cue happy laughter) made our way out of line with my hand cupped underneath his chin. I did my best to reassure him that all would be well despite the huge mess his face was making!

To counter that opposition, Lottie was most adorable toddler on planet earth as she braved each new ride. She complied with each invitation as we took her on all that we could. Her high pony tail gave her the extra inch she needed for some of the more serious adventures. She was peanut sized and smiley. Forrest hardly napped at all. He was consumed by all that was going on. With that being said, he hardly fussed. He was a good baby. Eliza and her cousin Emee couldn't get enough of the thrills. Eliza had to talk me into doing the scary of all scary rides, Wicked - which served as a blunt reminder that my body is getting old - after she'd already gone on it twice with her Dad. The anxiety of imagining that your skinny, barely tall enough for the ride, child is going to slip out of her harness about did me in. Henry had a great day, but his exhaustion got the better of him at times. When they weren't fighting over the extra stroller seat, he took great care to make sure Lottie was comfortable, having fun and keeping up with the group; he is ever the protective older brother. It was worth the time and money involved to make that happy summer memory happen.  

 In the morning, we split off into two groups. Andrew led Eliza and Emilee on a thrill seeking adventure in the land of roller coasters while my Mom and I guided Henry and Lottie through Kiddieland. A few hours later we reunited for ice cream!
The children run through an empty Pioneer Village to the ice cream shop. The begin making their selections. 
"Where's my ice cream?"

After hitting the water rides, my Mom and I swapped Andrew places as he took charge over the younger kids. As great as Lagoon is, he let us know that his body needed time to recover from the fast paced insanity of the more intense rides. I was happy to take that spot with Eliza and Emee.
Thanks again Mom for bringing Emilee, being that helpful extra pair of hands and for sharing in the fun as we let fun reign. (Ha! I bet you liked how I worked that in; just for you Mom!)


*Jess* said...

you are super cute :) And I finish people's sentences, too :)

rachel garber said...

I love this and I always cut people off too. I think if we ever finally met, we'd get nothing accomplished in the way of full sentences :)

I was telling Garbs we've never ridden a roller coaster together and maybe Lagoon would be a good place to check that off our list. Then the panic set in: Wicked was fun when I was 25 but now I'm older and . . . "fluffier" and I don't know if my nerves could handle it. How was it??

Audra said...

Fun! I find myself finishing others sentences. Maybe I need to stop. Might be a little annoying.