Monday, August 26, 2013

Nine Years Later

August 17 marked our ninth wedding anniversary! Realizing it was her parent's anniversary that Saturday morning, Eliza briefly disappeared down the hallway. Having planned ahead, she retrieved a picture she found of us from 'back in the day' that she had decorated a few days earlier. Her thoughtfulness touched us both.

It was fun to see my beau out picking  flowers from our own backyard for me. They were lovely.
Having plans with family that night, we postponed our 'date' for a future weekend. Before our guests arrived, we treated our kids to our wedding video. Lottie was a huge fan of the "Mommy & Daddy" show.

 Eliza on the other hand... ;)

Oh please. Just stop. I know you're coveting our sweet dual tv set-up/entertainment center. We're forever in the "wait until we can afford" what we want mode in terms of furniture. 

The had their sights set on cousins. And pizza. 
 I sure married into a great family.

This past Saturday we called the babysitter and went to see Man of Steel. Forrest loved it. Seriously, he behaved so well. We need to take advantage of that while we can. After the movie we went to dinner. Even with a newborn, date night still felt like date night. Aside from bedtime, I do not crave that personal independence away from my baby. I want him near me all the time. Lucky for us all, Andrew's not the jealous type and is happy to include him!

At dinner, we wondered aloud about what life will look like ten years from now. The conversation bred fear as he said the words, "Eliza will be 17!" And while she's a very good girl, the idea of teenagers worries me to pieces! So, dear blog, if you're still around ten years from now... how are we doing?!?

I love you very much, Andrew. Sharing my life with you is life's best gift.  


jamie t. said...

Congrats on 9 years! Time flies.... we're going on 11 in December. Boy we are getting old :)

*Jess* said...

We got married the same year! I just blogged about our 9 yr anniversary :)

Audra said...

Happy anniversary! Don't worry, Eliza will be a great teenager! I love the flowers and picture frame and the fact that she called you Ali and Andrew!

Katie Jensen said...

Thanks again for sharing your day with us. We loved every minute of it; well, maybe not when we had to say goodbye.