Thursday, August 15, 2013

on the mend

The kids are on the tail end of what's been the ugliest bout of illness we've seen this summer. What began with an exclusive-to-Henry fever was violently interrupted by the stomach flu. That flu was shared between our three older children. Lottie's been the slowest to return to full health as that fever attached itself to her next. Her tummy remains unsettled as well. Poor thing.

On the bright side, it hasn't dampened her mood much.
Hello Sunshine!

Having recently returned from another family trip, the downtime at home has been welcome. With school  around the corner, the time to clean out closets, shop for school supplies and bask in the chaos of my four littles has been needed.
It's just a shame that in addition to all that we had to throw in a couple of barf bowls and a lot of cleaning/sanitation supplies. That's life! 

A week ago, on August 8, Forrest hit his 3 month mark. He's such a low key guy. He let his month-iversary pass without acknowledging it. However, it's kind of a BIG deal if you ask his Mama! He's mellow, cuddly and despite my lack of photographic proof is full of huge smiles and giggles. 
This morning, Henry jumped in my bed as I was nursing Forrest. He wanted to be apart of the snuggle cuddle. He still 'ooh's and ahh's' over all that Forrest does. Henry is the one that runs to him when he's crying. He will ask me to lay him on the floor to play and keeps him occupied when I'm needed elsewhere. As Henry reaps the benefits of loving on that brother, the girls are quick to jump and say,

"Hey, I want to hold him now!" or, "I want a turn!"
It makes my heart sing to see them vie for his attention. I cling to these moments.  

Otherwise, that moment when Lottie, clutching at her mid-section, announces,

"My tummy hurts!"  thirty seconds after I've stepped into the shower, would haunt me for the remainder of my day. You see, following said declaration, she becomes still as a statue whilst a look of pain and concern spreads across her face. This look alerts me to the fact that she is in the process of having a serious potty accident in her under-roos. As I stand wet in the shower I realize that the stomach bug is still plaguing her.
Bleh, is right!!

I apologize for the over-share, I'm just keeping things real here in blog land.

I'm feeling reflective (that's Andrew's cue to skip the next few paragraphs) with school starting next week. My thoughts have been spent reviewing our summer. With a new baby in our home, I felt determined to provide my children with memory making opportunities despite the adjustment a new baby brings. I falsely associated this desire with the need for out of the home experiences and/or time spent vacationing. And while I'm grateful for the trips and other local adventures we've shared; the at home, seemingly mundane, memories are among my favorite.

It was a summer of simple, low-key, ragamuffin days; where a new mom to four sat back and waited for her new normal to unfold.
I've started to fill in the calendar with school related events. Knowing that it now applies to two of my children makes my insides churn. Feelings of excitement, sadness and disbelief swim to the surface as we hang up two new backpacks and purchase supplies for two classrooms. There is dread at the thought of the extra amount of paperwork that will be sent home. Next to my fridge an accumulation of 'this, that and the other' will grow like an indoor weed. I'll try my best to be organized and throw things away in a timely fashion but that pile of school related paper will always be there!
Farewell messy faces, late night adventures and mismatched everything. Welcome back routine, strict bedtimes and a regular bath schedule!


*Jess* said...

despite the sickness, it sounds like it was a great summer!

jamie t. said...

Sorry about the sickness... there is nothing worse that the panic that set in when you have a child that tells you their are about to be sick. Your family is adorable and thanks for "keeping it real" We need more of that :)

Audra said...

Hurray for school and strict bedtimes! Sorry Lottie has been ill :(

Katie Jensen said...

I was actually wondering where I could share my bowel movements. Looks like your blog is the place. This morning, I dropped the biggest load........of laundry down the stairs and had to pick it back up and fold it again. What a cluts I am. :)