Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The 'Good News, Bad News' Trip

The look of uncertainty. I love it. 

 Earlier this month, we had a chance to spend a few days at a cabin with the Flegal side of our family. It was a memorable vacation to say the least. Eliza, having suffered a most traumatic day on the lake sans her Mother, reported her day in a most endearing fashion. Alternating the good news with the bad, she shared her 'ordeal' with me.

  Feeling inspired, I'd like to pattern today's post after the styling of my seven year old reporter. Eliza's tumultuous tale will likewise be included.


The good news was Liz Green made arrangements for our family to stay at a cabin. We were excited because our family had stayed there before. It's a great place to go.

The bad news was Uncle Mike couldn't come and the time frame conflicted with swimming lessons. 

The good news was we compromised.
While missing the first day of the cabin trip,
the kids only had to miss their last day of swimming lessons.

The bad news was I procrastinated the laundry, packing and cleaning that proceeds a vacation.

The good news was my jobs were done by the time Andrew came home from work.
I was pleased to see that we were ahead of schedule after packing up the car.
I just love that!

The bad news was he drove us to Walmart instead of heading straight to the cabin.
He wanted to buy fresh worms for fishing.

The good news was Eliza lost another tooth while driving to the cabin.
She was thrilled!!

The HORRIBLE news was she accidentally dropped her tooth on the floor of the car.
It was lost. 
She was heartbroken.

The good news was the kids behaved well on the drive.

The bad news was we got lost on the last five minute stretch.

The good news was it was okay because we ended up driving past a Moose.
That was exciting.

The bad news was Eliza was still crying over that lost tooth.

The good news was Daddy found it 40 seconds after parking the car at the cabin.
Good job, Daddy!

The bad news was we realized that we left Forrest's baby bed at home.
I was upset by the discovery.

The good news was we brought his baby swing and he slept well that night. 

The bad news was Mom didn't.

The good news was we were on vacation! The kids were in cousin heaven.

Plans were being made to spend the day at Echo Reservoir on the boat.
With the lake being 30 minutes from home,
I volunteered to drive back for Forrest's rock and play (bed).
I'd meet them at the lake after. 
The bad news was Mother Nature intervened.
Having set up camp at the beach, the boat made a single spin around the lake before the lightning arrived.
It was time to pack up. 

The good news was no one was struck by lightening. 

The bad news was the kids were super disappointed. 

The good news was plans were quickly made to drive to Kamas for an afternoon of swimming at an indoor water recreation center. Pizza would follow. 

The bad news was the cabin was locked and Kamas was far away.
Heavy winds arrived that night.
By the time they returned to the cabin, I was too tired to make the drive.
 Forrest and I would end up staying home. 

The good news was my kids had a BLAST swimming.

The bad news was I was sad to be at home. 

The good news was Forrest took me to Costa Vida for dinner.
What a sweetheart.

The bad news was Lottie missed her Mom and didn't sleep well that night. 

The good news was I slept well at home.
It was time to drive back to my family! 

The bad news was I was greeted by a horrible stench in my car. 
It was a mystery as I couldn't find an obvious culprit.
Removing a few walmart sized bags of trash, I left satisfied.

The good news was the smell disappeared.

The bad news was, I later learned, one of those walmart bags contained fishing hooks
 and the remains of the worms Andrew had purchased two days earlier.
Hence, the mystery smell was discovered.
RIP stinky worms.

The good news was I was reunited with my family. As a family, we made it to the lake.

The bad news was I never made it onto the boat.
By the time 'our turn' arrived, so did the rain clouds.
It was time to go back to the cabin.

The good news was my kids were still having a wonderful time with their cousins.
Andrew and I were in charge of dinner that night.
It was a success. 

More good news.
Andrew and I went on a four wheeler ride;
just the two of us!

The bad news was Henry didn't feel well.
He had been whining non-stop.
Gathering my wits, I put my hand to his forehead.
It was burning hot. 

The good news was Doctor Bubba Flegal was in the house.
He checked him out.

The bad news was Henry had white patches in his throat.
Bubba said the words, "Strep Throat" and I nearly jumped off the back deck out of frustration. 

The good news was Andrew and Bubba volunteered to drive to Park City so we could start him on an antibiotic that night. 

The bad news was Andrew forgot his wallet which included our insurance information. 

The good news was we had cell phones and could relay information to him over the phone.

The bad news was they arrived at 9:02 p.m.
The pharmacy closed at 9:00 and would NOT fill their order.

The good news was they were heroic and drove to Salt Lake to a 24 hour pharmacy. 

The bad news was they were gone for a long time.
They were missed. 

The good news was bedtime arrived, despite my concern for Henry,
(and all the other kids he'd come in contact with)
 I made myself relax. 

The bad news was the next morning we heard that a cousin had been up all night throwing up. 

The good news was it was time to go boating again.
Henry still had a fever and didn't want to go.
I offered to stay at the cabin with him and Lottie (whom I was watching closely.)
I wanted her to take a good nap.

The bad news was Andrew was torn.
Should he go boating?
Should he stay back with his wife?

The good news was he went boating.
Nana Teresa stayed with me. We had a fun visit.
The plan was for Andrew to do a quick ski run before trading her places.
He'd drive back to the cabin and she'd head to the lake. 

Enter Eliza's story:

The bad news was that plan was foiled by a failed boat engine.

The good news was before the engine failed Eliza surprised Andrew with the following request,
"Dad, will you waterski with me?"
His heart soared with pride as he enthusiastically replied,

The bad news was a few ski runs later,
the boat engine died.

The good news was Andrew the engineer was on board to tinker.

The bad news was he couldn't fix it despite his skills.

The good news was he thought that jump starting it would fix it.

The bad news was Eliza interpreted that suggestion into
"Jumping into the lake"
Pleading to the crew, she asked if the could please contact 911.

Finally, left with no other options, they flagged down another boat and were towed to shore.

The good news was Bubba was coming with the trailer to pull them out.

The bad news was Bubba's car got seriously stuck in the mud.

The good news was Andrew saw someone with a super huge truck and asked for help.
The suburban was rescued.

The bad news was the boat still didn't work.

The good news was Andrew was there to pull/drag the boat  back to where the trailer was.
It took 45 minutes or so.
Brent and Shipley helped too.

That was actually bad news for Andrew. He was pretty sore the next few days.

The good news was everyone made it home.

The bad news was more cousins began throwing up.

The good news was Andrew, feeling bad about Henry's low key day,
whisked Henry away for a one on one fishing trip.

The bad news was his fever hadn't gone anywhere.

The good news was he caught two fish despite feeling crummy.
He was one HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY boy.

The bad news was he was coming unglued.
And so was I.
Feeling a premonition that the barf storm was headed our direction, we left that night.
I wanted to deal with that disturbance with the comfort of my own toilet.

The good news was we made it home without much incident.

The bad news was the barf bug arrived the next morning; which I documented in a previous post.

Despite the ups and downs, we always feel lucky when our time is being spent with family. Our kids have grandparents who love them like crazy, cousins that they could play with around the clock and parents who are getting really good at pretending they have everything under control when in reality we are winging it!  

Thank you Nanna and Bubba for providing us this opportunity to be together as family. You know what they say, "Families that barf together, get stranded together, play together and pray together STAY TOGETHER!" - or something like that! We love you!


*Jess* said...

wow, that was a roller coaster!

Liz Green said...

Lol! I love your post and way of telling the true story of what really happened at the cabine! :) Glad you still had fun and I feel way too lucky that neither I or my kids got the flu.