Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Rich(field) Life

Giddy up, kids!

 It's time for another road trip. This time the destination was Richfield, Utah where we enjoyed time with extended family. 

These lovely sisters arranged for us to come down and enjoy family time together in honor of our Grandma Helen. Aunt Linda opened her home to the lot of us. I think I heard that our group totaled 66. Bless her heart! :) Her sweet family spoiled us with delicious food, entertainment and lively conversation.


You can see that the kids had plenty to do. With a friend within an arm's reach and several play places to explore, they were in heaven. Meanwhile, the adults were able to 'relax and rock' as we took in the beautiful view from Aunt Linda's back porch.

Here's a look back at some of our favorite activities.

 Thank you Aunt Linda & Uncle Ken for all you did to pull this together. We are so proud and fortunate to be apart of this great group. Love to you all!

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Liz Green said...

Cute Pictures. We sure had fun with you guys and miss you all ready. Hope all your kids are feeling better.