Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Extras

Before September slips away, I have a few miscellaneous photos to share. Let's begin with the most exciting, shall we?

Saturday morning, Eliza told her Dad she was ready to have her training wheels removed. As a family we gathered outside to cheer her on.
Later that night, Henry decided he was ready to have his training wheels removed too! It's been a non-stop bike riding party ever since!
And just like that, another milestone is reached on their childhood checklists.

The remarkable thing about Henry's decision is that two days prior, he wanted nothing to do with his bike. Earlier this year, the interaction he had with his bike hadn't been positive so he turned his full attention to a razor scooter. Getting ready for a family walk, something that's fast becoming a nightly ritual, Andrew said it was a "bike only" walk. Henry opted to use his legs while Andrew pushed his bike in the stroller. Finally he decided to give it a 'try' - training wheels and all. Two days later, those training wheels were gone!

Eliza feeling a little embarrassed about her age needed some encouragement.

"You still had your training wheels off first!" I reminded her. In her defense, she didn't get a bike until she was six. Our South Carolina neighborhood was not bike friendly. Shortly after getting her bike, she broke her arm which was a definite set back. Andrew and I are proud of them both.
 Here's a little love note she wrote to her Canadian beau. Again, everything about today's post is random.

Speaking of parental pride, soccer season has resumed. Check out Eliza's face of extreme intimidation. Her team name is the Fire Dragons!!
 Henry's team, the White Tigers, is undefeated. Personally, the best part of soccer is that I'm not pregnant this season. The worst part is that each one of Henry's games starts at 8:00 a.m. What's better than sacrificing those precious hours of extra sleep that only a weekend can provide? Oh I know. How about waking up to a chaotic morning where a chorus of children sing, off-key I might add:

 "I just spilled the water bottle. Sorry." And my personal favorite:
"Did you know it's our week for soccer treats?"

I'm exaggerating. And truth be told, despite waking up early for soccer games, I love watching them play. Each time they almost make soccer goal, we get super excited! Both kids have great coaches and have made great friends through soccer.

Quick, this post needs a photo of a cute baby right now.
I'm just going to take a moment and look at that sweet face because in about five minutes, he'll look different.

Other randoms include our walks to school.
 I love that Lottie takes along her backpack too. 

We've enjoyed play dates with friends and cousins.

And last but not least, you know it's been a happy month when you get to pet goats on two different occasions. Andrew must be living right. 

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rachel garber said...

Dear Eliza,

I was eight when I finally gained the courage to take my training wheels off. Totally true and embarrassing but I just have never had the balance necessary in life to do most things at the appropriate age. So, you rock!

Your friend,

P.S. Can you ask your mom a question for me? Does baby Forrest have a Baby Trend stroller? Because I'm kind of obsessed with them and am wondering what she thinks of it.