Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When Daddy's Away, The Family Will... Eat A Lot Of Sugar!

Dear Andrew,

Considering you don't travel much for work, I have to say that I found it ironic that duty would call once more during the Family Fun Fair. Feeling the pressure of your job, I'm sure you are still recovering from the disappointment of missing this event two years in a row! Dry your eyes, babe. As Lloyd Christmas always says, "Harry, I took care of it!" (Name the movie.)

And while I had to juggle four children, one giant stroller, three bags of cotton candy, cups of melted sno- cone and miscellaneous socks and shoes - I did my duty and took loads of pictures. Also, I gratefully would like to mention that the camera card did not fail me this time when it came time to upload them.

You are welcome.

Even though his elementary days are years away, let's begin with Forrest.

 Last year when the kids and I attended, I was pregnant with this sweet boy. The morning following the fun fair is when I took that first (of seven) pregnancy test. He did really well considering he was confined to the stroller most of the night. I rescued him once so I could feed him while I watched Eliza attempt the rock wall. Nursing him on the middle of the lawn of the elementary school, surrounded by a million people that I see on a regular basis, was super awkward awesome. I can go ahead and check that off my bucket list.  
So, this was our third year attending. Consider me seasoned. I knew to take the kids to the face painting station first. It was a good call because the line grew to be a mile long and there was only one face painting artist. She was awesome.
 Did I mention the girls had their hair sprayed too? 
Polka-Dottie Lottie went with hot pink
 You should know that when you're out of town we eat garbage. Dinner last night included cheetos, cotton candy, sno-cones and two bites of a BBQ pork sandwich. It's a good thing you're coming home tomorrow. Home cooked awesomeness will return to the table and I'm pretty confident that I'll sneak in a shower before I see you too. 
Hula hoops, tug-o-war, inflatable slides, a rock wall and Henry's favorite... the PETTING ZOO were likewise a hit with the kids.
 The farewell scene turned ugly as Lottie, who had skipped her nap that day, fell apart when the news of, "It's time to go" was delivered. As she wailed, I did my absolute best to keep my cool even though I wanted to hurl back threats of an unfriendly nature.

"Lottie, you knock this behavior off or you'll never eat another goldfish cracker again!" Among other thoughts. We made it home and into out beds in one piece.
Here's to hoping that you're with us next year. You were missed. 

I love you. Travel safe.


*Jess* said...

I'm proud of you! Taking 4 kids (including a nursing one!) anywhere by yourself should be commended ;)

Vause Family said...

Oh uintah!! How I miss it. Remember last year when you thought three was a bit much to handle and I was nursing the newborn? Miss you!

Karina said...

ha ha! i feel you on the showering and nursing in public sentiments. :)

Katie Jensen said...

Brent and I use that line all the time. Good ol' Dumb and Dumber.

Corbin Rasmussen said...

you are amazing. i can barely do 3!...this is allison by the way, not corbin ;)