Friday, October 11, 2013


Forrest, that little party animal, hopped on the 'let's be nocturnal' train last Friday (oct .4) night. Two words, baby boy:

"Not cool!" I'm past wanting to speculate the reasons why but will say that it was a painful way to begin the weekend. Miraculously, Andrew and I responded to our alarm Saturday morning. Rally the troops, it's soccer time! Even with the blurred vision, born of my lingering exhaustion, I could see that the grass outside had been glossed by a healthy layer of frost. A few minutes later, we were playing paper, rock, scissors to see whose good fortune it would be to wake the now slumbering babe and place him in his car seat.
With his fans situated under a mountain of blankets, Henry took the field. A few minutes later, Bubba arrived.
 When Fall and Winter meet

Henry had a great time at his game. The cold weather didn't seem to phase him. Thankfully, the sun was shinning by the time we left for Eliza's game. Knowing that Bubba wouldn't be able to stay for her entire game, her awesome coach made sure she played the first two quarters. She would prove, however, that she'd only need the first to make her first goal of the season! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I played the fool as I watched that ball connect with net. I was up on my feet, spinning like a drunken crazy person as I cheered wildly for my girl. A fellow soccer Mom could be heard explaining to her husband,

"It's her daughter's first goal." A teammate of Eliza's later said to her Mom, 

"Eliza's Mom almost fell over when she was cheering for Eliza!"
It was a sweet moment. We were glad Bubba was there to see it.
The lingering chill in the morning air did not dissuade Eliza from cashing in on the season's promise of a 'big' slurpee for scoring a goal. Wrapping up her game, we made our way to seven eleven. Slurpees for all! 

Rewinding to Friday afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised (thrilled, really) to hear that our cousins from Alaska were in town!! On the flip side, we were sad to learn that the reason for their unexpected visit was because Jen's Grandfather passed away. Having surprised my Mom in a big way that morning, we met up with the Mays crew at my sister's house that afternoon. It felt so normal to see the kids back together again, but you feel the blessing of family so much more after a giant move like theirs. 
 How's that for an awkward reunion? 
I think they're standing in a box.
And now they are hugging in a box.

Scott wanted no part of it. 
So he hid behind the couch. :) 
A few more of the crew.
Say, "cheese" Eliza.
Forrest had a lot of catching up to do.

The rest of the weekend was listening to general conference, introducing the kids to this song while enjoying a delicious conference morning breakfast and then spending the rest of Sunday with the Flegals in Salt Lake. It was a great weekend. 

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