Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Lottie-Licious!!

Dear Lottie,

You are three!!!
"Today is my birthday!" 

In the days leading up to your big day, you'd regularly announce, "It's my birthday!" Finally, after waking up to balloons, a cheap-o (yet hung with love) birthday banner and the well loved, 'You Are Special Today' birthday plate, it was confirmed that it was indeed your birthday! Hooray!

We've been lucky that the last two years, your birthday has landed on 'fall break.' Remembering the fun we had last year, we decided to take a repeat birthday trip to the zoo with our other favorite birthday girl, Nanna Teresa, Katie, the twin-kies, Aunt Sara and her Taylor-tots (I inherited Papa's knack of nicknaming those we love. I can't help myself.)

But before making the drive to the zoo, we rushed through your birthday breakfast and allowed you to open one gift to stir the butterflies of happy anticipation!
You were so happy to meet Ariel. The good news is she is a bath toy and, wait for it, bilingual. I love that you've embraced Disney princess shows. Eliza was (and probably still is) scared of many of them. You love them all and when those scary moments do arrive, you nestle into my side and tell me that you "don't like this part."

We made it to the zoo where you were greeted to a round of warm birthday hugs. After that, the fun began. 

It should be noted, that it was Forrests first trip to the zoo. :)
Hey look! It's a Fleglet nest.
"Say Popcorn"

After our trip to the zoo, we went to Nana Marie's for lunch and nap time. Nana made you a special princess bed in her guest bedroom. You took a big birthday nap and so did Forrest.
Pretty much everyone's wild about Lottie.

After a nice visit, we made our way to a birthday party that honored you, Nanna and cousin Syrelle who recently turned seven. The theme was Pinkalicious! Your favorite.

Your cousin Cecelia did a great job coloring Nanna's house pink! Her creativity really shined as she found different ways to pink-a-fy the place.
After the guests arrived, the party started. Cousins played, we ate Aunt Katie's homemade pizza, presents were opened and we sang Happy Birthday to our three birthday girls.
Oh Miss Lottie,

We love you so much. I mention a lot how close you are with your Daddy; and it's true. He adores you.
"Daddy is there a space for me?"
However, since I'm at the helm of this post, I want to also say how much I treasure the time we have while the big kids are at school. That's when we do our best cuddling. :) You keep me company as I work on my jobs which I really appreciate. I get to spend time with your smile all day long which is why I think I have one of the best jobs in the world.

You play your role as sister perfectly. Right on schedule, you've arrived at an age where you want your hands all over Eliza's room. The idea of you touching her things makes her skin crawl. Considering how you broke the arm off her only boy barbie doll last week, I have to say that she has a point. I think you miss Henry most when the kids are away which is why I'm glad he's home in time to have lunch with you. The pair of you are best friends and are also the two that argue the most. Even so, I love that you two share a room together. In the morning I sometimes find Henry in your bed giving you a 'snuggle cuddle.' As for Forrest, whenever the family begins to hand out, "I loves you" to one another; your immediate response is,

"I love Forrest." You are attentive to his cries and want me to believe that you are fully capable of being in charge of him. I'm not just saying this because you're the birthday girl but you seriously make him laugh the most of anyone in the family. It doesn't matter the circumstance, if that baby catches sight of you, he just laughs.
You are bubbly, well spoken, potty trained (that was hard, but we did it), bright and clever as heck. Your big brown eyes sparkle and your curly hair seems indicative of your wild, bouncy personality. Even though you produce tantrums that try my patience like nothing else, we feel so lucky that you are ours.                                            
Happy birthday darling girl. Mommy loves you.

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