Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October creeps by

Before the blog is hijacked by jack-o-lanterns, cute kids in store bought costumes and other Halloween happenings, I need to squeeze in a few autumn time treasures from recent weeks.

Taking advantage of the warm weather, we've spent a lot of time outdoors. Painting the chicken coop has been on Andrew's list of to-dos for the last five months. He was more than ready to bust out that paint. Lucky for him he had three eager helpers, draped in bright green smocks, ready to work. 

If our family had our own personalized theme song (think bright and cheery), it would play loudly during activities like this. Seeing the kids work along side their Pa, whilst Ma tends to the baby on a blanket in the warmth of the sun, makes me feel good inside. Unplugged, paint splattered faces and a healthy supply of teamwork makes me feel old fashioned and dorky. And I'm okay with that.
 Any eggs? 
What a clever design.

Andrew would like me to mention that the coop is still in need of white trimming. Hopefully we have another sunny Saturday on the way. As for Farmer Henry, he'd like you to meet our chickens.

You'll be pleased to know we have a new to us vehicle. While on the hunt for our new car, we landed at a car dealership that gave us four free pumpkins. However, there are six of us now so we stopped by a nearby pumpkin lot to grab a few more.
 Thank you Nanna Teresa for the fun Halloween skirts!

Last Saturday, we left early to pick up Andrew's new car in Herriman. We had a little extra time so we went hunting for witches at Gardner Village. We weren't there very long, but I think it was worth the stop as the kids really enjoyed themselves.

My cute little pumpkins!

That afternoon we attended cousin Brynn's baptism. It was a special day for her and we were so happy that we were able to attend. It's hard to believe that Eliza is next in line!
After the baptism, we went back to Bubba and Nanna's. Andrew's back was giving him a lot of grief so he rested and waited for his medicine to kick in while we visited. The kids had fun helping Bubba on his projects outside and going for a scooter ride.

Sunday was the Primary program. This experience deserves mention. For me, it's an experience that I looked forward to with great anticipation. The kids have been working hard practicing their parts and learning each song. A few Sunday's prior, I caught a sneak peek as I walked into the chapel during a practice. Henry and Eliza both waved at me enthusiastically from the stand. It was a sweet taste of what was to come the day of the program.

However, the over confident Mother of four tasted a sweet slice of humble pie instead. Knowing where my kids were on the stand, I went in ahead of time to secure a row for our Nana's who were driving up to see it. Ten minutes before the  meeting began, cute Forrest who was wearing a darling plaid button up shirt under a pair of denim overalls wee wee'd himself while Andrew was changing his diaper. A few minutes before Sacrament meeting begins, Andrew walks in carrying our redneck baby who is now wearing his overalls minus his shirt. I didn't have a spare outfit in the diaper bag. I am trying to cut back on what we bring to Church because seriously we look like we're headed to the airport each week. Yes. I re-learned my lesson. So as I was trying to soothe my half naked baby, Henry who had been bouncing in his seat (literally), manages to SLAM his head into the pew ahead of us. Instant tears. Instant goose egg.
Andrew only has a few minutes to calm him down before the kids would be invited to take their seats on the stand. I pray for a miracle as Henry and his throbbing injury walk back in to the chapel.

"It's almost time to go take your seat!" I say with a forced smile. His tears return as he melts into the floor.

"I don't want anyone to see my bump." He starts to cry. My heart breaks. BUT GOSH DARN IT! He has worked so hard. I want to see his darling smile on the stand so much. I'm selfish. I admit it.

"How about I give you a mint for courage?" One mint turns into several as I fill his pockets for him to take "on the road" to the stand. His hesitation returns. I see a random five dollar bill in my bag. I never have cash. But I know it's mine.

"How about five dollars?" The people sitting on the row ahead of us bust up laughing at my bribe. Again, I'm a horrible person. A few minutes into the program, he allows me to escort him to his seat. He leaves the money behind. His seat is right next to the Bishop. It was funny to watch the Bishop as he took in the sight of Henry's huge goose egg.

And the rest is history. Half naked redneck baby fell asleep in the arms of my next door, Saint-like, neighbor. She offered to take him so we wouldn't have to miss a second of the program. Henry and Eliza delivered their parts beautifully. The only time I wanted to cry was when I realized that my little Lottie will be up there with them next year.

It goes so fast.

Sunday night, after the kids have been tucked into bed, I hear a creeper. Someone is sneaking down the stairs. My patience starts to falter. And then I see who it is.

In pajamas that he outgrew months ago and a super sad goose egg on his forehead, my sweet boy smiles at me and says,

"Hey Mom. About that five dollars..." Oh how I love him.


Liz Green said...

Andrew did an awesome job on the chicken coupe. Wish we lived close so we could get a picture of the girls and their twin skirts.

Poor Henry! We love you.

Audra said...

Poor Henry! I hope you paid him!

Vause Family said...

Ok, when you look at the first shot do you just think...this is my backyard? Amazing! Love your posts. Miss you!