Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Angels

Regarding Andrew's car accident, thank you for your kindness and well wishes on his behalf. We've appreciated the support and concern. After meeting with his physician, Andrew began physical therapy. He's encouraged by the improvement in his neck but is still experiencing consistent pain in his back. We feel that he's receiving quality care and expect that injuries like his take time and patience to recover from.

Things are progressing well on the insurance/business side of things. We're most definitely in the market for a new car. However, we've kind of hit a standstill reminiscent of when expectant parents hit a roadblock as they discuss possible names for a new baby. The time to make a decision is fast approaching and we haven't been giving the subject adequate attention. :)

This past week was one of contrasting emotions. As Eliza recovered from a five day fever, my focus on her well-being shifted back to the accident. Revisiting my most recent post left me unsettled. I was more upset than I was the night I wrote it. And while I wasn't in the car at the time of his accident, it has affected how I feel when I am out and about in the car with the children.

Despite my nerves, I wanted to make fall break memorable. Thanks to my Aunts Dawnie and Marilyn, my kids were treated to a morning of horseback riding last Thursday. Since our outing to "the barn," Henry's been pleading for a return trip. The girls and I had a great time too! It was fun to watch Eliza and Henry's confidence evolve from wanting constant assistance to insisting that they could trot on their own. As Henry's horse broke into a trot for the first time, the smile on Henry's face lit up the whole place. Excuse the motherly exaggeration, but I loved it. Speaking of trotting, I was hesitant but after seeing my Mom do it beautifully, I found the courage (and was motivated by the fear of being labeled a giant wimp) and went for it. My horse, whose name was also Henry, was awesome. The only thing missing was Andrew who would have been in heaven. If Henry has anything to say about it, we'll be back to see Dakota and Henry again soon.

Friday, October 18th was a day of celebration as we partied the day away with a very animated, joyful, oh how we adore her...THREE year old named Lottie. Unbeknown to her, it was also a day filled with heartache as I learned that day that two different families that we know lost a child.

Having long admired the Coleman family, we've followed their family's journey with SMA closely. In their most challenging moments, we've offered our prayers and tried to find words of support. From a distance, we've celebrated Maggie's milestones and marveled at her parents devotion and strength. It was devastating to learn that she was called back to her Heavenly home last week. Driving home from Lottie's birthday party on Friday night, Andrew and I both cried as we talked of Maggie, Jonas and their amazing parents.

At 2:00 a.m, the following morning, I received a heart wrenching phone call from a friend in my ward. Her baby boy had passed away and she was in need of help. The details aren't mine to share, but I will say that the passing of her beloved son was completely unexpected. Having spoken to her at such a tender time has forever changed my heart. Once again, we were left reeling by an unimaginable tragedy. After securing her the help she needed, we were left to cry, pray and wonder why. Sleep was next to impossible as the shock and distress of these situations consumed me.

I wish I had an uplifting, inspirational type thought to share to help explain why bad things happen to the best of people, but I don't. It's just heart wrenching to me. For now, my greatest hope is that while they wait for that promised day of reunion and resurrection, these angel Mothers and their families will receive heavenly comfort and peace. We're called by the Savior to 'mourn with those that mourn' and while I wish I knew the most perfect way to do that, I don't. I'm trying though. Admiring these Mothers as I do, it's also left me with a stronger resolve to be better to my children. Make each day count. That's what Lindsey did so well. You never know.

Maggie's touching obituary can be found here.

As for baby Corbyn, his obituary won't be available until this weekend. However, a charitable fund to help the Cordingley's has been set up. It's under his name, "Corbyn Cordingley" at America First Credit Union. I will return to this post with a link to his obituary as it becomes available. 


Liz Green said...

How Sad! I wish them comfort from Heavenly Father as well.

*Jess* said...

Hugs to your dear friends :(

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

After yesterdays funeral it's interesting to see the title of this blog. It was fun to see you yesterday , love you