Saturday, November 23, 2013

Snow Happened and more Fleglet Funnies

One week ago, Old Man Winter arrived. And while his stay was brief, his timing was spot-on. Saturday snow storms are the best in my book as it provides the children with a Daddy to play with.
However, I'd like to point out that before Andrew had even found his snow boots, Eliza rolled all of these snowman appendages (for lack of a better description) herself! She's always been a go-getter.
Wearing a hand me down snow hat from his Dad, Henry joined his sister outside. I fell in love with an 18 year old named Andrew who wore that same hat on all of our first winter adventures together. Sentimental satisfaction washed through me as I saw Henry bouncing around the yard with it on his head.
As for Lottie, she wins the prize for the child who was bundled in and out of her snow clothes most frequently that day. 
 She had a good time in the snow but could not make up her mind about the four wheeler. 

"I want to go on a ride, Mommy!" Bundling her up for the 3rd time that day, I send her outside. Flagging down Andrew, I tell him she's ready for a turn. Hesitating once more, she retreats back toward me. 

"I want to come inside with you!" Despite our words of encouragement, her mind is made up. She doesn't want to go. Five minutes after she's returned inside, her focus is on the backyard and the fun her siblings are having.
 "I want to go on a ride, Mommy!" Repeat scene.

This winter preview has us looking forward to the upcoming season; even with its promises of soggy clothes, the ongoing hunt for that missing glove and indecisive children who want to be inside one minute and back out the next.

As for Mommy and Forrest... while the big kids frolicked in their magical winter wonderland with Dad, he and I frolicked in magical piles of laundry. They really are magic. No matter how much time I spent folding, sorting and putting away, the piles NEVER disappear. 
And yes. We were watching Sister Wives. Andrew is concerned by how much I like that show. And no, I don't want Sister Wives.

As a favor to my future self, I am going to include a few "funnies" courtesy of our Fleglets (especially Lottie). I hope the humor translates well considering you can't see the expression on Lottie's face or the tone of her sweet voice.


Lottie has developed a deep love for Disney Princesses. Eliza side stepped this phase as she was turned off to these shows due to the suspense and harsh nature of the villains. Anyway, it's been fun to see Lottie fall under the magical spell of Belle, Aurora and Ariel (her current favorites). Watching Beauty and the Beast the other day, Lottie points to the t.v. and says,

"You know, that Gaston... he's a dirt bag."

Offering me her step stool, Lottie asks:

"Do you need the stool, Mama?"

"No babe, I'm okay." I explain, "I've got long Mommy legs." Understanding my reasoning she adds, 

"And I've got big girl legs." 

"Yes," I reply. Wanting to add to her vocabulary I say, "You have child legs, don't you?" 

"Yup." She agrees. "Because I am a child." Smiling, I nod at her. Without missing a beat she adds, 

"And Daddy is a child."  
When doling out the "I love yous" to one another, the conversation usually follows a pattern. 

"I love you Lottie." I'll say. It doesn't matter who has said this to her. Her reply is usually, 

"I love Forrest!" Henry then pipes in. 

"I love everybody in the whole world." He has a heart of gold. But because he's street smart, he adds:

"except for strangers and bad guys." Lottie returns to the conversation with, 

"bad guys are bad news...right, Mom?" 

Because I struggle to communicate, I asked Henry to hang up his shoes when I noticed them on the kitchen floor. He was so incredibly pleased with himself after fulfilling my request. He came back into the kitchen with a giant smile on his face. It wasn't until later that I noticed Henry hung up his shoes on the hallway hooks (meant for jackets/backpacks). 

Henry has recently recovered from a spell of school related anxiety. He'd get so nervous about going to school that he'd make himself sick. He ended up in the nurses office this past week, ready to throw up. When he knew his Mom was on her way to get him, his stomach settled right down. The nurse and I agree that the "tummy ache" is legitimate. However, after a few 'episodes' it was clear that it was linked to nerves and anxiety and not an illness.

None of that is funny, I agree. The part I want to remember is how he's been coping with it. After family night on Monday, Andrew gave him a Priesthood blessing. Mom's been giving him pep talks and encouragement and Eliza's been extra sweet as she's walked with him each morning to the Kindergarten door. Having expressed my appreciation to her at bedtime the other night, she said:

"You're welcome, Mama. I'm the Henry Ranger."

As for Henry, the other night he was climbing up his ladder to get into bed.

"Mom, Mom." He says. Knowing he has my attention he continues,

"Today I said a little prayer before school that the yucky feelings would go away." I was touched that he knew to pray.

"Did it help?" I ask.



As for Eliza, her thoughts revolve around the cute little boys in her school class. She will tell you that she is not at all interested in boys, but rather all the boys are in love with her. Despite her claims, she talks about them non-stop. She recently wrote a letter to one that had Andrew and I laughing are heads off. I wish, I wish, I wish I could find it so I could post it here. 

The only other Eliza funny that comes to mind came the other day as I was reassuring one of my children that it was okay that he had made a mistake. 

"It's okay, sweetie. It was a mistake"

"Uh-huh." He says. Eliza quietly sits at the counter, coloring. I continue, 

"Mommy makes mistakes too. Mistakes happen everyday. We all make mistakes." Sometimes I don't know when to end a conversation (or a blog post for that matter.) Looking up at me Eliza chimes in. 

"That's not true, Mom." Surprised, I look to her and wait for her to continue. 

"I haven't made a single mistake today."


*Jess* said...

Your kids crack me up! And are sooo adorable! I agree. .. Gaston is a dirt bag!

Karina said...

"I haven't made a single mistake today" - - ha ha that was my fav.

Vause Family said...

Love your posts. And I'm totally offended because you said we could be sister wives and share the child rearing and housework responsibilities!