Monday, November 4, 2013

The Halloween Hangover

In all sincerity, I admire the parents who have the discipline necessary to ration their children's Halloween candy. Because it's right, they boldly declare:

"This isn't healthy," as they dispose of their children's sugary treasures. I applaud your resolve and determination to be healthy. As for me, my rug is littered with candy wrappers. In the morning, as I prepare their oatmeal, I'm the Mom who asks,

"Would you like this with a side of tootsie roll or pixie stick?" As sick as it all sounds, my children make quick work of slimming down their candy piles. A few days of 'having at it' and an extra tube of toothpaste later, the candy will be gone. Halloween 2013 will subsequently be filed away as the newest experience in their childhood memory banks.  

From a blogging perspective, here's what our Halloweening looked like this year.

First things first, the costumes.

There was a magical emerald witch named, Eliza.

Ninja Henry, ready to save the day... or possibly cause a little trouble. I'm not quite sure yet. :)
A cupcake loving, enthusiast of all things PINK!!! Lottielicious.
And a cuddly puppy named, Forrest.
He's cuddlier than he looks. I promise you that.

Our Halloween outings included our wards trunk or treat:

A Halloween party at Nana Maries.

A family night with the Mays crew that included spaghetti, a mummy wrap and a lesson about The Good Shepherd finding the lost sheep.
Pumpkin Carving on Halloween Eve (read: Andrew and I are procrastinators). We had a fire going in the fire place which added charm and warmth to the evening. I liked that a lot.

Halloween day I was lucky enough to go help with Henry's halloween party. Twice last week our Nanna's came to our home to help me out with babysitting jobs. I really appreciate them making that huge drive so I could go where I needed/wanted to go.

Later in the day we went to the Halloween parade at the elementary school to wave to our little witch.
Halloween evening we trick-or-treated throughout our neighborhood.
Until next year!


*Jess* said...

That is a LOT of halloween fun! And I love their costumes. And candy at our house? Goes pretty much in my belly all day. The kids will be lucky if there is any left when they come home from school.

Katie Jensen said...

I don't think Forrest could look cuddlier. SO CUTE. Can you email me the pink picture? Thanks!