Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Memory Making 2013

Riding the sugar rush wave, my three older children were chasing one another around our home Friday night. It took me a minute until I realized their crazy behavior was driven with purpose. I overhear clever Eliza repeat to her brother,

"They keep telling us that Christmas is right around the corner, but which corner is it?" Aware of the joke, and fully on board to continue running around like mad, Henry suggests,

"I'm not sure, but how about we go check all the corners upstairs?" And just like that, those three hyper bodies bound up the stairs to continue their search for Christmas.

She's right, you know. Christmas is right around the corner. Feeling a little bit of rush myself, I want to update the good old blog here with some of the activities we've enjoyed this season.

About a week ago, we went with our friend Peggy and the Cordingley family to Willard Bay to see the Christmas lights. Of all that we've done, this probably stirred up that Christmas spirit inside of Mom the most. Cuddling up with the kids on a freezing cold night, in a horse pulled wagon, to look at a spectacular display of lights really brought back that Christmas magic.
Unlike last year, the line to see Santa was crazy long and our kids had school the next morning so we didn't stay. It's true. We bailed on Santa. It's okay though, because the kids already had two nice visits with him this season.
 The holiday baking continued with neighborhood gifts and teacher gifts. I like the way the kids swarm the counter when the bowls of melted chocolate appear or how they ask me to turn the Christmas music back on when it's been paused. These are the memories I hope they carry with them, rather than the ones where a frantic Mom asks them to help her find that extra glove or is yelling that everyone needs to try to go potty before we get in the car... (among a myriad of other less pleasant examples).
(two days, three batches and 18 bags later...)

Holiday crafting is a new tradition that Eliza and I have been dabbling in. When the other kids were in bed, she and I busted out my new friend, the hot glue gun, and got to work on a few 'homemade' gifts. We spent two nights together doing this and as cute as our projects turned out, it was an even better reminder that the best one on one time I have with her is when the other Fleglets are asleep.
The kids participated in a holiday sing a long at their elementary, a service project providing pajamas for children in need, a Polar Express day (which Eliza forgot to mention - it involved wearing pajamas - oops) and last but certainly not least, her first ever read-a-thon.
Eliza, the bookworm, was so excited to pack up her pillow, a blanket, a healthy supply of snacks and a new to her book, Black Beauty. Henry proved that the entire family was aware of her exciting activity as he prayed that morning,

"And please bless Eliza to do a really good job reading at school today. And please bless all her snacks when she eats them." It really does make my heart happy when my kids remember one another in their prayers.

And finally, a few 'randoms' to add because these photos make me happy; except for the fact that I'm short on Henry pictures. We'll have to remedy this!
Coming home the other day, the neighbor's cat was sunning on our porch. It was a lovely little welcome home.
"Welcome home" says that cat that isn't ours.
Two handsome boys. 
Two sweet sisters 
that don't look much alike;
both beautiful. 

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Audra said...

I never realized that Eliza and Lottie look completely different! Both very cute!