Saturday, December 7, 2013

In Their Words

"Breaking news!" My daughter declares from the back row of the car. It's 3:15 p.m. and I've just picked her up from school. Following our typical afternoon greeting, her impending announcement sends a charge of second grade excitement through the car.

I don't have to feign enthusiasm. I love hearing the details of her day; especially ones dealing with her time away from  home.

"What? What is it?!" I ask.

"I'll just wait to tell you when we get home." What a tease. I tell her I can't handle the suspense. Satisfying my request, she plunges into the drama that unfolded in the lunchroom today. It all began, according to Eliza, with an apple.

"That apple was a good idea, Mom. You'll never guess why..." Suddenly, I do have a guess. But I don't tell her.

"I LOST A TOOTH AT SCHOOL!" I'm sorry friends, but she's right. For a seven year old, it just doesn't get bigger than that.

"You did?" I make sure to gasp back.

"My mouth felt all weird while I was eating my apple, " She pauses for more air, "And then Kambree tells me that my AND SO I WAS TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!! On my way to the office, (not sure why this required their attention) I just pulled so hard and it came out. This first grader saw it happen and said to his friend, 'Hey, did you see that girl just pop out her tooth?'"

"So is this tooth loss number five or is it six?" I ask.

"Number seven."
Missing tooth featured here. Cute, Eliza

Lucky seven. I sure love this tender heart of ours. Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to go see a free screening of the new Disney movie, Frozen. As Andrew said, "They nailed it." The songs, the humor, the storyline... everything was fantastic. We loved it.

At the emotional high point of the film, I look over and see that my sweet Eliza is bawling her eyes out. It didn't surprise me in the least. It happens whenever we watch, well pretty much anything that's aiming to tug, even if it's a gentle tug, at the heart strings. She is s.e.n.s.i.t.i.v.e. Her feelings are delicate and easily hurt. On the other hand, she is remarkably thoughtful.

And, when she doesn't mean to be, she is super hilarious. Eliza has a habit of adding to our lists; whether it's a grocery list or a 'to-do' list, she likes to pretend to be the grown-up  as she adds in her two cents.

As a sampling, here are a few "additions" Eliza  Andrew made to his to do list this past weekend. Don't worry, I can interpret.

The first five, were written by Andrew:
  • Fix van squeal
  • Top off Sequoia T-case oil (fyi, his replacement car following his accident is a toyota sequoia. we like it a lot)
  • Rake leaves
  • Christmas lights on house
  • Replace light bulbs - fireplace, downstairs
And then Eliza added the following:
  • Watch youtube
  • Forrest Duty
  • examine Christmas tree lights (okay, I wrote that one.)
  • carry totes (that one too.)
  • Well done!
  •  Find out what does the fox say
  • Take a poo-cation (a long one) 
  • Pay Bills do on weekends Friday, Saturday, Sunday 
Just wait! There was a backside as well. 

  • Get new plates on car
  • Read scriptures
  • Thank whoever gave us candy (That would be Michael Auras. THANK YOU FOR THE GERMAN CHOCOLATES!)
  • Show respect to Forrest
  • Shave beard
  • Put Christmas lights in are rooms
  • learn to like xmas
  • SLEEP!
  • make a xmas present for Mom
  • watch the bad words show (she is referring to the BIG BANG THEORY - ha ha ha!)
  • eat left-overs
  • go out to movies with us
  • don't argue with mom (a humble reminder)
  •  shave mustache 
  • and you're done, Go MAN Go!!!!
Kindergarten is such a special time. Watching Henry learn to read and write has been a joy. While rocking a fussy Forrest in the "Christmas room" the other night, Henry plopped down in front of the Christmas tree and underneath its majestic lights, he wrote his list to Santa:

"I wont u motorcyle"
I want a motorcycle

"and u parachute"

"I doont"
not sure what this one is

"U kor"
a car


"and mints, gum"

"Mi Moms foon numbr..."
My Mom's phone number... 
and that's where I had to crop the photo because
that cute boy wrote down my cell number correctly. :) 

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