Friday, December 27, 2013

Laughing all the way

Mother Nature played her part well last weekend. With Christmas only days away, she generously distributed a fresh layer of snow for our visual pleasure and enjoyment. Her timing was perfect.
I acknowledge that for many commuters, storms of this magnitude can be a serious nightmare. As for me, my current obligations don't require that I travel further than the elementary school where roads are usually well cared for; so please forgive me for being a cheerleader of winter.
There are negatives of course. Bundling little ones in and out of snow gear, drying said clothes and keeping track of gloves and other accessories can be frustrating; especially when our little brown-eyed beauty stays outside for a grand total of four minutes...

I just checked and... YUP! It's still worth it.
 Two doors down live the Waterfalls. Catching wind of the day's activity, they offered the use of their field for our four wheeling/sledding enjoyment.
Can you spot Andrew at the base of that tree? With Forrest napping soundly in his crib, we left Eliza with a cell phone so I could have a quick turn with Andrew and Lottie. As proficient as I am at providing the hot chocolate, it was nice to be on the 'fun side' of things.


I should mention that it wasn't all fun and games. At the end of our ride, with Lottie situated between Andrew's body and mine, Andrew started in on a figure eight while in our driveway. Lottie and I nearly flew off the four wheeler! It was terrifying and made me extra mad. In a physically aggressive manner, I demanded that he let us off and offer a sincere, heartfelt apology for endangering our daughter. Neither happened right away. This dramatic scene unfolded in front of our next door neighbors. I climbed off the four wheeler steamed beyond belief that Lottie almost fell onto concrete while Andrew dealt with the embarrassment of having his wife kick the tar out of him in front of the neighbor kids. We have since made amends, but I am suffering post traumatic stress as I play out the scenario of what would have happened had I not caught Lottie and myself from falling. Andrew's still in the process of searching his soul for a piece of remorse! I hope this massive guilt trip via the family blog helps him find it! :)

*P.S. Andrew approved the paragraph.

 How about we conclude on a positive cute baby note. You got it!

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