Monday, December 9, 2013

Suspicions Confirmed

It finally happened. I crossed over to the land of the smart phone (and subsequently joined instagram). It wasn't too long ago that I voiced my concern about having the "Internet in my pocket" and the probable neglect that would follow. Here I am; a sell-out. But oh, I am a really happy sell-out who is enjoying her new phone very much.

Even so, I find comfort in the familiarity of my blog and the laptop which allows my fingers the freedom to type as fast as they want; with quick access to the frequently used 'backspace' key. The allure of instagram with its convenience and insta-cheerleaders makes it easy to understand its appeal. Re-connecting with my friends who bailed on blogging and catching up with those who've kept a lower profile is the best part so far. My friends have beautiful lives and darling kids and it's so great catching glimpses of it all.

I can't say for sure, but the history that this blog contains of our family's story with its attached detail - I hope - will hold me here. Instagram is awesome though.

As far as getting to know my phone goes, it continues to delight me. I made friends with Siri and am guilty of tell her 'good morning' when I wake up; among other things. Andrew with his Samsung Galaxy and Ali with her iphone5s, we'll keep you posted on our favorites and frustrations between the two. Not that this is anyones business, but I feel inclined to say that Andrew's company pays for his smart phone and I've joined my brother's family plan (he works for Verizon). Having done this, I now pay twenty dollars less each month than I did for my 'dumb phone.' #yayfrugality #sorryAndrea

Another feature that I use a lot is using my 'voice' to text. It's awesome. My kids think so too. Tonight at dinner, Eliza asks,

"Mom, can I have another cheese meltie question mark?" Laughing, I reply.

"Sure period." Henry picks up on what we're doing.

"Please pass the salad period." Increasing the volume in his voice, "Now EXCLAMATION POINT!"

We're all laughing, Lottie included. The children hear me make command after command as I "text" by voice; including the necessary use of verbally assigning the punctuation (in case this conversation didn't make sense to you). Lottie wants to join in the fun. She adds,

"I want some more too Christmas mark!" She meant to say question mark. Henry, Eliza and I are laughing.

Shifting gears: in my head my imaginary readers were laughing at the Eliza and Henry notes I recently posted. For that reason, I have another GEM for you. Courtesy of Eliza, here's a note she wrote after the neighbor boys threw snowballs at my car when we came home from Church on Sunday.    
The guilt this must have inspired is top quality. :) Sadly, when she went out to deliver it, the boys had gone inside. I like the part where she says she will tell their Dads!

Other happenings:

It snowed! And just like I love, it arrived over the weekend.

 I love their Dad so much.

Forrest reached his seven month mark. He's not sleeping through the night. During a twelve hour stretch, I usually nurse him once and sometimes send Andrew in to help him find his pacifier. He is, however, army crawling like a champ. Because when babies do anything, they do it "like a champ." He cries like a champ, snuggles like a champ and poops like a champ.

I'm over the moon in love with him. That's still the same.
This is a classic Forrest expression:
Closed mouth smile accented by the most delicious baby cheeks. Sigh.

I also took my first selfie:

And finally, last Thursday the Relief Society put on a progressive dinner. My home was one of the appetizer stops. My home hasn't been that clean in a LONG time and it felt very Christmas-ish. I asked Andrew to take a few photos before the kids had access to the rooms again!
 It's especially lovely when the lights are turned off, if I do say so myself.
 It was prettier when the appetizers were splayed across the table.
 Fresh carpet lines make me feel peaceful. And that's that. Happy holiday y'all!


I'm A. said...

Thanks for the hashtag apology. It means a lot. I'm so glad you have joined us in instaland. And you have inspired me to clean my house.

rachel garber said...

Please don't bail on the blog! I have yet to do the instagram thing because I don't lead an exciting life anymore and I have zero kids to put up pictures of.

Love Eliza's list in the last post - I was telling Ryan last night before bed that she wanted to find out what the fox says. Yes, he's heard the song, and yes, I've been able to avoid it so far.

I had a dream the other night that we finally met after all this time and we were both sitting there and you were really quiet and then got up and said, "You know, I just can't be your friend. This isn't going to work, I'll have to ask you to leave" which was awkward in and of itself but I was also holding Forrest and you were very adamant that I get up and go. now. So I just put him down and let myself out.

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

You know how much I love seeing these pictures? It's so fun for me to love over and over again at my adorable grandkids and read of their everyday little antic's. Thank you again and again, Love you all

Vause Family said...

Perry boys still at it? I can just see Eliza's disappointed face, hand on hip trying to scold them. You know she's adding fire to their flame. You need to white wash them and let them know you mean business! I love your updates and miss you all!

Karen said...

You have such a beautiful home. I love fresh carpet lines, too! It does feel peaceful.