Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fleeting Forrest Thoughts

Forrest at eight months
After a particularly chaotic morning, I open the door to Forrest's bedroom. I am eager to see his,
"You're finally here!" smile. His tiny hand pats my shoulder with enthusiasm to emphasize his pleasure at my arrival. I return the sentiment in a series of slobbery smooches. Knowing that I'm short on time, I hurry and swipe his crib bedding in an attempt to find his pacifier. Three swipes later, it's still missing. The search and rescue mission will have to commence after I take Eliza and Henry to school.

Forrest is a fairly chill dude. Yes, there are times when he is full of smiles. And yes, he can giggle uncontrollably - especially when Lottie's in the mix of things - but overall, he's a mellow camper. So here I am, with my quietly content baby on my hip, trotting downstairs back to a scene of morning craziness. Half way down the stairs, I hear a tiny smack. I look down and Forrest, who had been holding his pacifier the entire time, has just popped it back into his mouth.

The humor didn't escape me as I replayed, in my mind, the scene of trying to find it.  The silly thing had been, secure apparently, in his little hand. I'm sure had he known what I was looking for, he would have filled me in because the delusion that my young sons will grow to be perfect gentlemen burns bright.
 Chewing with my mouth full, WhAt?!?

Those tiny, simple moments add up to a whole lot of love and affection for my baby boy. Today he is eight months old. For now, his life primarily consists of being buckled in and out his car seat, taking in the bright lights of a super market as he sits 'car seat style' in a grocery cart, sweeping our vast hardwood floors with his body as he army crawls/rolls all over the place,and cuddling up in his Mom's lap to nurse. One minute he's the 'forgotten fourth 'that I'm keeping an eye on as I finish up something "important" at the kitchen counter and then the next minute, he's the center of everyone's universe. He has found "his voice" and we instantly have fallen in love with the sound of his baby blabber.
"I didn't say anything. Did you say something?"

With four little ones, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by someone's negative attitude, a sassy little mouth or children who won't stop fighting. You leave for Church, as an example, expecting that the child who had the least amount of sleep the night before will have the toughest time only to be proven wrong as someone else has the unexpected meltdown. These hard moments pass and I find that I'm able to garner comfort from the children who are, at that moment, being the better listeners; or in Forrest's case, just being their sweet and steady self. It goes both ways. When Forrest is cranky and I am in the process of finishing up dinner, Eliza steps in says the magic words,

"Here, Mom. I will feed him his baby food!" Amazing.
 Big Sisters Rule

With each child, my love for spoon feeding has declined. It's tedious. Shame on me for not cherishing that aspect of Motherhood. Happily I confess that I am more than happy to let Eliza help! Four kids is a lot, but I sometimes have a crew of happy (or at least willing) helpers at my disposal. I'm grateful for my team and my super cute, albeit hairy, co-captain.  
Other Forrest-isms of note:
He's just an itty bitty. He remains toothless. He goes to bed at seven p.m. and is up once (sometimes twice) to nurse. And while he can army crawl and roll with the best of them, he is not 'crawling' up on his knees. He CAN, however, clap his hands; the sight of which is nothing short of adorable. Tonight when Andrew came home, he waved at him. That's big people stuff!
Mama loves you, Forrest! I feel super grateful to be your Mom. You've brought such light into our family.

Speaking of light, guess who joined the big kids in Primary last Sunday?
Here's our new little sunbeam! Even though she is the youngest Fleglet to join Primary, she was easily the most 'ready.' And while she did inquire about where the marshmallows and goldfish crackers were, she never looked back!

Fun flashback, here's Eliza and Henry as new sunbeams too. In another five minutes, I'll be posting Forrest's sunbeam picture.
 January 2010
January 2012

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