Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In Loving Memory

Fueled by emotion, the words just came. I love you, Grandma.

In Grandma’s Garden,
                                                          breathtaking and beautiful
roses, bloom and grow.

The vivid colors
are bright, alive, majestic…
Pleasing to behold.

Their lovely scent adds
to the beauty of the scene.
It’s a work of art.

“A labor of love”
She would say. For she tended
and nurtured each one.

Her capable hands
fought back weeds, clipped and cared for
each and every rose.

Showered in her love
the opportunity to
thrive, was theirs to take.

As time passed along,
her lovely garden flourished,
multiplied through love.

Bouquets were gathered
Eager to share their beauty
Love freely given.

Just like her roses
Grandma nurtured and cared for
Another garden

Precious to Grandma;
her beloved family.
We are her garden.

Unique and different
She cherished each one of us
Her love, tailor made.

Aware of life’s thorns
She asks us to carry on;
Remember patience.

Please love each other
Laugh, have fun and please: Do not
forget the popcorn!

Be grateful each day,
For God and for family
“Life goes by so fast.”

The garden is ours
to now tend, weed and nurture.
We learned from the best!


Favorite photos:

 Photos with my babies:
 Do not be fooled. That is Eliza, not Forrest, with Grandma on her first Christmas.
 Celebrating Grandma, Eliza "wrote" a song that all the grand kids sang to her

Grandma and Henry:
 Lois Charlotte Flegal and Charlotte "Lottie" Marie Flegal:

 Meeting Forrest:
And to our Bubba: you carry her light and goodness. We love you so.


Mike Flegal said...

Oh Ali! you have a beautiful way with words. Tears of love and joy and memories flooded my eyes while I read this.
You need to share this with the family as we do our petal tribute to her. I think you have masterfully captured her.
thank you

marie mays said...

Your last two posts and your poem were magnificent. So well said with love. I'm so grateful for the time you had with Grandma. I love you. Mom