Thursday, February 6, 2014

catching up on the good stuff

January was a big month for this sweet boy.
Forrest officially sits without falling over (right away). However, he has limited success in getting himself into the sitting position independently. He is crawling up on his knees when he's on carpet. When it comes to the hardwood floor, sliding is his preferred method of transit. As of yesterday, he has two adorable baby teeth. Baby/table food is an adventure that he's eager to explore.
Following our opening song during family night on Monday, he clapped enthusiastically (my favorite new trick!) and he likes to wave to his friends. He loves the lady babies at Church. It's actually pretty hilarious the way he will sit, unmovable, mesmerized even, when he locks eyes with a fellow baby.
And, I should mention... he can suck his toes.  He remains a pretty solid sleeper; I can't complain.

The only (cliche) complaint I have is how fast his babyhood is passing.
Next up, Lottie...
As for "milestones," she had her first haircut EVER on Martin Luther King Day.
My Mom, sister and nieces were up for the day to play. With my Mom's capable hands available, we said goodbye to her first curls. Her hair, totally different from Eliza's, has a wild personality; they are a natural delight and are a symbol of her bouncy (read: out of control!) personality.
The week's best discovery was learning that Lottie can now use the bathroom all by herself, start to finish. She no longer needs the assistance of a potty seat or a stool. I don't have to lift her off and on the toilet. What an incredibly lazy Mother she must have for her to be thrilled to the bone that she no longer has to stop nursing the baby to help her off the toilet, etc. Bathroom independence is amazing. While on the topic, it's also amazing when your two oldest kids can shower themselves, start the water, dry off, etc all by themselves too. If only I could find a way to get them to remember to hang up their towels.

Emotionally, Lottie is a roller coaster. One minute she is the picture of charming three year old perfection as she stares down her Dad's newly shaved face.

"Dad?" she asks. "Where did you put your beard?" She is completely puzzled. Before he can answer she instructs,

"Go put it back on! You look dorky!"
 Two minutes later she's on timeout for the third time that day.
 Yesterday morning during breakfast, Eliza encourages Lottie to:

"Finish your cereal!" Exasperated by being told what to do so early in the morning, Lottie huffs back over to her bowl, climbs on the stool and shouts her new favorite word:

"FINE!!!" and then she adds, "Gosh Eliza, you don't have to judge me!" What the heck!?! I was laughing my head off. No clue where she got that one.
She tries my patience like no one else, but she also has the capability of melting me in an instant. I love her so much. I want to bottle her up as she dances in her striped sleeper jammies accompanied by her messy morning bedhead and those big "fat" (her word, not mine), expressive, brown eyes.
And then there's Henry; my least photographed child. I feel terrible about that as it no way reflects how I feel about him. He's my daily tender mercy as his personality is fun loving, sweet and steady. Sure, he and his sister's butt heads, but he really is a pure, let's make things fair, type of child. He is a hard worker and is the last to complain when he's asked to do something. He conquered a major lego project the other day that he's particularly proud of. Henry rarely whines about being bored. He's a good buffer between the girls and is a great friend to both. He's incredibly sweet to Forrest. I can't wait to watch that relationship develop.
After lunch, Lottie and Forrest take a nap. That's our time! We giggle through his homework and I marvel at his determination to get things right. What doesn't come automatic (like with Eliza) he compensates with work ethic. His report card was straight fours and he's doing well socially in school. I'm proud of how well he is reading. Sensitive as he is, there are times when he gets emotional if he's feeling stressed or feeling misunderstood.
 His eyes are still crossing on occasion which leads us to believe an operation is in his near future. :(
Even with a crossed eye, he's super handsome. His heart is gold and I think often about his future wife and how lucky of a lady she will be.

Eliza has been busy. After school she's been participating in Chinese related activities; one of which was dancing. For Chinese New Year her group was invited to perform at Weber State.
Last Friday, she and I were treated to a great show, catered (free) Chinese food and other Chinese New Year activities. The evening was done really well. The highlight for me was watching her on stage.
She also got new glasses. I think she looks pretty darn cute.
And finally, we got together to celebrate my Mom's birthday earlier this month. We "surprised" her with a mani/pedi, lunch with the whole crew (the locals) and then played games at her house. I sure love her.
Oh yes, there was also the 'super bowl' game on Sunday that was totally less than super. It's the one game a year that we attempt to watch, but this year it seemed so entirely unimportant. It was the day following the passing of my Uncle Rob so for me, being together and talking about how we were feeling and watching the kids play was what the day was really about. However, it must be noted, that my sister did a great job decorating her house.
Go Broncos! 
(Or don't. Because honestly, 
who wants to watch an exciting super bowl game, anyway?)


*Jess* said...

love and miss you guys :)

Katie Jensen said...

My answer to your superbowl comment, I thought the dolphins were always in the superbowl. Oh wait, was that just a movie? Ace Ventura anyone.