Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunshine On My Shoulder... makes me so happy!

It seems fitting that the boy who is taking over our home will also be taking over the blog today! 

Each day there is a new discovery as I find Forrest standing up some place new. Sometimes it makes me panic depending on where I find him and other times I can't help but laugh at his frustration as he lacks the courage to sit himself back down. Life as a nine month old can be stressful!

We've dusted off the baby gate as our gigantic staircase is his latest (and most dangerous) obsession.
And while he is never left unattended, I can breathe a sigh of relief when he's in his high chair as I know he is being kept safe from himself for a minute!
Don't mind the pink bib.
Focus on the cool camo shirt he has on instead.
Yes, that reads: "shirt" and not jammies. Shocker!

As much as I rely on Eliza and Henry to help keep an eye on him when my back is turned, he still has a magical way of finding (and enjoying) mischief. 
As a baby, Lottie was blunt when she wanted our attention. Forrest is more subtle but equally effective in changing the direction of our focus. Whether it's dinner or homework, he knows how to become priority number one all over again.
"You-who, Mama?!" 
 "You-who, Henry!" 

Speaking of Henry, he's the Star Student of the Week!! It's a big deal. Trust me.
Each day Henry participates in an activity to help his classmates and teacher get to know him better. He has been enjoying himself!

Today, we were treated to a solid taste of SpRiNg!!
Bikes, neighbor friends, a visit to the Waterfall park and watching a LIVE tractor in action made for an exciting afternoon.
Oh look, another 50 (give or take) photos of Forrest...He was thrilled with the change of scenery.
Henry asks, "Hey Mom, has Forrest ever been outside before?" Why yes, dear child. He has. However, by the way he curiously interacted with the grass and his happiness with finding himself in the sun, it felt like another {great} first.

Oh yes. I freed him from his stroller and in a few short minutes he was pulling himself up.
Hang on. I need a minute to just stare at this photo. I love my baby!

With as much fun as they had today, the big kids still remembered their chicken chores {Dad}.
We're averaging six eggs a day. I can't speak for the kids, but I still think it's a thrill.

And while I'm catching up, I want to share a few extras. Last Saturday we went bowling for a ward activity. It's was a great outing. The three girls bowled, the three boys opted out. There was pizza, games and friends. And, you'll be pleased to know, we didn't go home with a pair of bowling shoes this time.

These two are total opposites
in looks and personality.
And I'm super in love with both.
Here's a tower that Eliza insisted I photograph. Have you met our (messy) playroom, dear reader?

Valentines weekend, our family was heart attacked. It was pretty magical for the kids.
Last week, Henry woke up in the middle of night and thought it was morning. He settled himself in a front of a show until Lottie informed us that they were awake. Thankfully he fell back asleep, backwards, but at least he caught a few more ZZZZzzzzzs.
As for me, when I need a little extra sleep I put a pillow over the side of my face, like so... 
Let me know if you'd like any other stellar parenting tips.

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*Jess* said...

he's not going to be a baby long.... :) Tell him to stop growing so fast!