Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

I feel the need to separate the silly from the serious today. Mingled with recent Valentine's day photos will be a new batch of Fleglet Funnies. An upcoming post will detail the sweet, sorrowful and spiritual aspects relating to my Uncle Rob's funeral and the temple work that was completed for my Grandfather. Simply put, we had a special weekend. For now, that will wait while I catch up on our kids and their holiday celebrations.

Eliza was thrilled when her teacher announced that the kids would be allowed to make their own Valentine's day baskets this year. It was an elementary school first as Eliza has always made them in class. Thanks to an idea from a cute Instagram friend, we both got excited about making a 'hot air balloon.' Eliza is happiest when she's at that counter with a bundle of crafting supplies at her disposal. Insecure with my own abilities, I doubled up on all the supplies in case I messed something up. Andrew, I decided, could re-do or restore the balloon if I messed something up.

Eliza brainstorms. Okay not really. She is pretending to brainstorm.
"Let's do this, Mom!"
Well, okay. It's a little crooked. But it isn't awful, right? That didn't stop Andrew for giving it a go himself with my surplus of supplies.

He even wore his, "I work as an engineer" shirt to make a point.
Okay, sure. His is better. But it's only a 'little bit' better ... not like, 'way, dang, I'm SUPERIOR' better (in my humble opinion). Even so, Eliza chose to take his his.
And I understood. 
Some days, my cutie pie seven year old looks like she's 12. Bah. 

As for their Valentine cards, they agreed on the same one which I thought was awesome. Also, Henry is awesome. He hand wrote all of his classmates names without complaint. 

And he's crazy about his friends.

And Eliza's just crazy. ;)
Valentines Day Eve, I got my act together and cleaned the family room and the mantel and other nooks and crannies that were beginning to overwhelm me. In honor of my efforts, I took a photo of my 'festive' mantel. Yes, I didn't to much to decorate but it helps to look back and remember what i did do in future years.
 At a recent trip to the craft store, the kids fell in deep like with these "Beanie Boos." I thought they'd be the perfect little something to give to my sweet little Valentines.
I sure love Christmas and Santa but I have to say that it was nice to actually receive credit for my thoughtful gift!
Here's a random, out of place, cute photo of my littlest Valentines. Forrest was giggling when I took the photo. It was raining and Lottie made sure to keep him covered. That's love.
Valentine's day breakfast was pink pancakes with all the fixins! We took a minute and said why we love each other. Henry said something funny that I have since forgot. It's a shame.
After our morning love fest, it was off to school for Eliza and Henry. Lottie, Forrest and I soon joined Henry's class for his Valentines day party. I was concerned about taking the other kids but it worked out well and I was able to lead my little groups in an exciting game of Valentines Monster Word Mash.
Mrs. Chase literally had buckets of things for the younger ones to do while I worked with the kids in his class. I cherish any drop of time I have in my kid's classrooms.
I don't know who was happier to be there: Lottie or myself.

After his party, we jetted to Salt Lake so I could meet up with my family who was planning to go to the Jordan River temple. Eliza went to a babysitter's after school and later that night, Andrew picked her up and joined us in Salt Lake where we had a sleepover (the kids were so thrilled!) at Nanna and Bubba's house. The kids were spoiled with pizza, fun and their Grandparent's attention. I have to thank Teresa and Doug in giving up so much of their time to babysit so I could participate at the temple and bond with my grieving family at my Uncle Rob's viewing and funeral. More on that later.
As for those promised Fleglet funnies;

This past Sunday, during Primary, Lottie was chosen to come to the front and participate in a guessing game. Behind her head, out of her sight, they held up a pillow. Lottie was then asked to choose someone in the audience to describe the object that was displayed behind her head. Naturally, she chose Eliza.

Eliza begins:

"It's white, soft and something you can put your head on." An animated Lottie blurts out:

"A fluffy, fat, white UNICORN???"


This happens on a semi-regular basis. Each night I sing to my children one song before they go to bed. It makes me smile whenever Henry chooses his song as it sounds like he's ordering food at McDonalds.

"Today, I'll have ... I'm a Child of God." Anyway, as I'm singing and scratching his back, Henry will sometimes interrupt me:

"Pause!" He'll instruct. Listening to him, I stop singing. He then retreats to the corner of his bed so he can pass gas. What a guy! Crawling back over to where I am, he lays back down and says:

"Un-Pause!" I sure love him. 


Not a lot of background is needed here. In fact, I'm just going to copy and paste my current status on facebook. 

That awkward moment when your husband is expressing his love for you via text message and he realizes that each message was mistakingly sent to his boss! Yes, that just happened! 

We're still waiting for the follow up comment from said boss. Stay tuned. It should be funny.

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