Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chicken Scrap Buffet

Please note the Flegal's definition of chicken scraps:

Food items undesirable or unfit for human consumption.

Chicken scraps may include (but aren't limited to):  leftovers we aren't brave enough to finish, neglected and/or rotten produce, stale bread born of a child's inability to properly seal the bread bag, etc. Having drawn a line on behalf of our chickens, be at peace knowing they are not allowed to eat chicken leftovers. 

When the kids make their daily run to refill their water supply and collect the eggs, they often bring an extra treat, via the chicken scraps bucket, prepared with love from me. At the sight of their approaching friends, the chickens huddle with excitement at the base of the coop's door! The kids seem to enjoy the warm welcome. A few moments later, the kid's are having their own Cinderella type moment as they sprinkle (read: DUMP) the chicken scraps onto the dirt floor of the coop. 

The chickens are a huge fan of their afternoon treat. It turns out, I sadly learned today, that Forrest is too!

As I explained on a recent Instagram post, he enjoyed a sampling of stale rolls, celery stalks and onion peel. Yum!  What caused a little confusion was the wording on the bucket. I ought to clarify that our 'chicken scrap' bucket has never contained gizzards, beaks and/or other chicken-like innards. 

I was only five steps away from him when he was delving into his treat. That full and stinky bucket had been left by the back door waiting for his two older siblings to complete their afternoon chores when he made the discovery.

This horrible, yet humorous, tale is a fair representation of what a day in the life at our house looks like. Those tasks that feel menial are often interrupted by a colorful, sometimes beautiful or panic ridden, type moment that adds interest to a Mother's day. It's the story you hold tight in your arsenal until that next phone call with your spouse. Whether you need sympathy, concern or a deep belly laugh... you eagerly look forward to sharing that moment and scoring the hoped for response.

Every once in awhile, there are days that prove to be far from ordinary.  As a Mom, you receive a 'bonus' but it's entirely different than the type you hope your working counterpart would receive from his boss. Randomly you receive a call from the school informing you that your daughter's Dr. Seuss poem was deemed the winner of the second grade Dr. Seuss writing contest. She didn't compete on a volunteer basis, it was required of each student. You're informed she is to be awarded a special surprise at the Dr. Seuss birthday breakfast.

Less than a minute after receiving that call, you're e-mailing her Grandparents and Dad (who has been gone on a six day business trip) to share the happy news. Arrangements are made with Nana Marie who has agreed to come share in the experience and help you juggle your small children at said event.
Dr. Seuss breakfast day was also Pajama Day!
And it was Eliza's second read-a-thon.
Oh yes, did I mention that it was the same morning that Henry, 
the star student of the week, 
would present his power point on taking care of chickens?

Even on a Mom's bonus day, life is busy! 
 Her surprised reaction was everything I hoped it would be.
She went on stage, collected her prize and shook her Principal's hand. 
The highlight, for me, was when they read her poem aloud. 
As the first bell approached, we joined Henry outside as his presentation was scheduled first thing!
For his "share and teach" he explained the process involved in caring for our chickens via a power point he and I created (he posed for the photos, I did the rest!). He was articulate and calm and so freaking adorable as he took questions from his peers. And please note the darling camo-clad assistant near his feet.
He's such a special boy!
I am so glad he's in our family.

The day was made even more sweet when Andrew arrived home from his business trip! The kid's did well while he was away and the boogie man in my basement didn't get me while he was gone, which is all good news; but MAN he was missed.
...especially by Lottie.
So while Forrest napped, 
we piled in Mom and Dad's bed and took unattractive selfies.

Here are a few other Lottie gems:
Lottie with her bestie

The weekend also included a pedicure-related birthday outing to celebrate my friend Krystle (who had a birthday) and a date night to Roosters. Roosters is a great restaurant on historic 25th street in Ogden. I didn't know that Ogden had a 'historic 25th street.' It was a pleasant and fun discovery. On our date, we were kind enough to include our husband's. The four of us laughed and laughed. It felt so good to socialize with my spouse and our friends. It was Forrest's first time being put to bed by a babysitter and from what I hear, he went to bed without a single fuss. It was Lottie who was the trial!

On Sunday we were lucky enough to head to my Mom's for dinner. The weekend with Andrew, friends and family rejuvenated me after Andrew's time away.

Speaking of rejuvenation, we have enjoyed a mix of seriously beautiful Spring-like weather
and rain...
We need the rain. And it makes my heart happy seeing them march off to school with those umbrellas; so we'll take it!!

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