Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Eliza's Dr. Seuss Poem

Here's a video of Eliza reading her Dr. Seuss inspired poem.

Question: Would you like the Cat in the Hat to come
over to your house to play on a rainy day? 

Eliza's Answer:

A snowy, snowy, snowy day. 
8 feet tall no way I could play, 
no, no way. 

Then all the sudden
bump thump thump! 
The cat and the hat it came to appear.
 I could not believe my eyes or ears.

Then he said, "Why do you sit there so bored so lazy?
Ooh look, we could juggle that glass daisy. 

No No I said, 
if my Mom found out, she would send me to bed!

 He ran to the glass and threw it on the floor,
then my brother opened the door!

The cat and the hat to go get dad's gun
and shot brothers arm, then he was done!

I went to the phone to call the police, 
instead I called my niece!

The cat went out to my Mom's perfume
and he sprayed it all over my room!

My Dad came in and got a cleaner upper
he cleaned the whole house
and made supper!

Then he looks at the cat
with anger in his eye and said
bye bye bye.

- Eliza G. Flegal
Feb 4. 2014 
age seven


*Jess* said...

that is awesome!

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

My but I do think she's taken to the pen as you have. Our sweet Eliza oh how I love her,

Vause Family said...

Oh my goodness! I loved every minute of that video. And yes, Andrew would totally clean up and make "supper!" Miss you guys!