Sunday, March 30, 2014

March {weather} Madness

Twas the eve of Spring Break and the Flegal's yard was completely covered in snow...


I had the thought earlier today to take a photo of the wintry scene but felt more depressed than inspired by the idea so I decided against it. Instead, let's reminiscence of warm March weekends past and dream of those to come in April; fingers crossed.

Earlier this month we took the kids fishing...
... and we loved it. Eliza caught four fish. Henry caught three and Miss Lottie "caught" two. Forrest proved to be the wiggliest of worms as I did my best to keep him happy while hopping from spot to spot around the pond.

 Last weekend we gathered around the campfire where we dined on gourmet franks, classic Lay chips and gooey toasted marshmallows.
Please note, in the bottom right photo, Eliza sporting a pair of goggles. She does this to protect her eyes from the smoke. She looks like a cute little minion.
Spring and Fall are ideal for campfire cookouts, according to Andrew. As enjoyable as it is to be stoking the fire in 90+ degree weather during the summer... just kidding. Maybe next time we'll move past hotdogs and try something a little more upscale. Perhaps we should bust out the dutch oven?! That could be fun. And tasty.

 Other highlights from March include a date night out for Andrew and me. Nanna Teresa offered to spend the night so he and I could enjoy a night void of babysitter fees. It was truly a great gift. Ami and Adam joined us for dinner, which was great, but following dinner we opted to go back home (and to bed) instead of doing something else. Coming down with a cold, it was the choice that appealed to me most. I know. We're lame!

Other Fleglet tidbits include:
Henry's love and ability to tackle a lego project has grown leaps and bounds. He silently disappears into his room to construct and build or will bring them down to the kitchen where he'll have an audience. I enjoy watching him work but when he's downstairs there is the added stress of finding rogue lego pieces on the floor; all of which are in reach of this cute little baby.
He makes my heart sing. In a week, he'll be eleven months old. Are we even kidding?!? His latest tricks include cruising around the furniture on his feet and using a kitchen chair as his walker.

Eliza and I enjoyed an impromptu girls night out.
Here's a miscellaneous photo of Lottie for good measure.
The happiest sight of the month might have been watching the reunion between the children and the sandbox, playhouse and giant rocks that dot our yard.

The good weather seemed to call to the chickens too, or so my kids said when I found them playing with them in the playhouse. Don't worry, I put an end to their shenanigans when I found them sending the chickens down the slide. I promise, they weren't harmed physically; probably emotionally though.
On the days when the weather wasn't as warm as we liked, we bundled up and went to the park anyway because being outside feels so good.
Last but not least,
Andrew started a new job! That's right! My thirtieth birthday proved to be a real milestone in more ways than one as his career shifted course once more. The decision to change companies was his. And while he prefers that I keep job specifics off the blog, I will say that we're pretty excited about this new opportunity. Even with the increased commute time, we don't plan to relocate as we're very happy with our current situation (home, school and neighborhood).

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