Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Sunday and Andrew turns 31

 My world.
Twas the night before Easter...
and this Mama bunny was exhausted.
Hopping up and down, the children pleaded to have a peek inside of their Easter baskets. It was early Sunday morning and I was getting myself ready for Church. The birthday boy, who had been awake for awhile, volunteered to bake the cinnamon rolls intended for his birthday breakfast. I know. My wife skills are incredibly impressive.
"You can have a small taste of a treat." I said. "But let's have breakfast first." Because I'm sure that the sugar in cinnamon rolls is far more healthy than that found in a jelly bean. Ha ha.

Lottie seriously adores him. 
 9:00 church sure doesn't allow much time to bask in a fun holiday/birthday morning, but when you remember what Easter is truly about, being in church and focusing on the miracle of the Savior's resurrection is more important. However, the kids did take the time to go outside and greet their new bunny friends and check out their sweet little bunny hutch.
 The bunnies will one day have their own place inside the chicken coop.
For now, based on our kids level of interest, this spot is perfect for frequent bunny interaction.
Meet Pipsy (Pipsqueak) and Bun-Bun (Cinnamon Bun).
They are bunny saints: both patient and cuddly. 
It totally makes sense for my girls to be wearing Christmas jammies
considering how the two holidays tie in together, yes?! 
As for Henry... it totally makes sense that he's wearing size 3T pajama bottoms
considering that he's related to Andrew;
who still wears clothes he wore in junior high on a semi-regular basis.
True story. 

Having to give the lesson in Relief Society at 9:00, chaos broke out right around 8:00 a.m. as I insisted that I had to be a half an hour early to experiment with the t.v./ where's the cord that hooks this up to my phone/ media is frustrating/ i am now pulling my hair out/ but they are awesome uplifting Mormon messages/ Andrew come help me now!/  I promise I downloaded the file/ messy situation.

All things considered, Church went well. I felt the spirit, Andrew pulled through and the short clips I had prepared worked during my lesson and my kids didn't stain the church bench with the giant carrot shaped bag of cheese balls they were gifted in Primary. As I drove the children home, the heavens parted and I began to hear a choir of angels sing as I realized that my baby was ready for his mega Sunday afternoon nap. And so was Lottie.

Sunday naps are the best kind of naps.

Following Forrest's nap, I allowed my self to bathe in a personal pool of sentimentality as I said the words to my family.

"This is Forrest's first Easter." With his birthday a few weeks away, I realized that it was one of his last "big" firsts (if that makes sense).
And that was the best I could do in terms of taking photos of my kids in their Easter best. With our attention now turned to man of the hour, birthday boy Andrew, we made our way to Salt Lake for a quick visit to my parent's home on Canyon View Dr. (for the last time, *SOB*) and then over to Bubba and Nanna Teresa's for dinner.
Aside from the impromptu cousin water fight, I failed on the photo taking front. Imagine if you will, my handsome husband blowing out his birthday candles on a fragrant and lovely coconut cream cake. His thoughtful sister Katie made it for him. She is the best and so was that cake! Yum!

Remember how we have a constant surplus of eggs? How pathetic would it be if we didn't dye any of them?! You don't have to answer that because the Monday following Easter the kids and I made it our business to get that done. With Andrew on the road for another week long business trip, we had to wait until Forrest was in bed so I could help the children and participate.

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rachel garber said...

Oh my goodness Forrest is growing up so fast! Can't believe he's almost a year old . . . sigh, time goes way too fast anymore.