Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Lieu Of Easter Egg Hunts

You know it was a wild and crazy weekend when you wake up Monday morning feeling relieved! Lately, our weekends have left little time for relaxing. How about sleeping in? Well that's completely (and sadly) out of the question these days.

It's nearing 8:00 a.m. Soccer is calling. We have to take two cars because only 50% of our crew is ready to go. Lucky for me, Henry's team is still warming up when I arrive with Lottie and Forrest. We've only just settled in our chairs when Lottie begins her usual chant.

"Mom, I'm hungry." I pretend not to hear her. "Mom!! I'm hungreeeeee" Her request has turned into a familiar little song. And she's on repeat. Never mind that I watched her eat a massive bowl of cereal less than 15 minutes ago at home.

"I'm sorry, honey. I didn't bring snacks." I reply.

"But Mom" the song continues, "I'm hungreeee!" At some point, Andrew's decide to step in. BLESS HIM. Reaching underneath my chair, he begins rummaging for what I assume is a piece of grass or perhaps an edible root or other pioneer type food. Instead, Prince Charming has found a large, wiggly worm. He proceeds to THROW the worm at our beloved three year old.

"You're hungry, Lottie? Eat this!" He starts to laugh.


Lottie, fully aware of what she's been hit with, recoils in absolute horror. Her three year old panic attack breaks my heart. I can't help but feel angry with Andrew.

And so are all of the other soccer Moms on the field. Like laser beams, they were shooting their silent, yet awful, eye daggers! Meanwhile Lottie is still hollowing like a banshee and everyone, and their dogs, take notice.

And that's how our weekend began. Two hours later, we're at Eliza's soccer game where the 'by the book' referee forces Eliza to take her earrings out; its either that or she can't play. During past games, they allowed her to put tape over them, so I feel frustrated by the sudden change.

"It's okay." He tries to reassure me. "Her ears won't close in 40 minutes."

I can now say from experience that he's completely wrong about that. Watching Andrew maneuver those earrings back in was so sad. It was a thousand times worse than having them pierced. Sheesh. From her game, we jetted up into Ogden for the Earth Day art contest award ceremony. For the second year in a row, Eliza was a winner. Henry's entry didn't win, but he was still gracious about it.

With two soccer games and the Ogden Nature Center on our agenda, it didn't leave anytime to hunt for Easter Eggs. That's okay because we went prepared with a picnic and stuck around the Nature Center to enjoy their Earth Day festivities.
Check out Lottie's expression in the bottom left photo.
She's just been licked!
This girl is talented in more ways than one.
I'm so proud of her. 
And, because I'm biased, I thought Henry's picture was likewise awesome!
 Henry's Earth Day drawing
Eliza's Earth Day drawing

From there, we stopped at I.F.A. (Andrew loves that place) to buy bunny food and then drove to select our bunnies. We wrestled with the decision on whether or not to surprise the kids (that was the original plan) but since we were so close and had a full day ahead of us still, we told them we were doing the Easter Bunny a favor and thought it would be fun to let the kids choose the ones they wanted. 
Arriving back home, Andrew went to work constructing our bunnies a new (temporary he says) home.
"I'm going outside to build the bunny hutch." Using miscellaneous scraps of wood, some of which had previously been painted on by kids, as well as old door hinges donated from family members, etc... he gets to work doing what he does. He's kind of amazing like that. I'm allowed to brag. It was the day before his 31st birthday after all so his awesomeness has totally been on my mind.

The days events continued as Eliza and I went to temple square where we enjoyed a very special evening together. Dressed in her beautiful baptism dress, we met her Primary president for a little photo session. Nanna Teresa joined us which we both loved. I can't begin to express how beautiful the flowers and trees on the temple grounds looked. The weather was also perfect. I know. People hate that word, but the conditions couldn't have been lovelier. I was very emotional as I watched her climb the stairs of the temple, knowing that she's chosen to begin her journey on the Lord's covenant path.

"I want to touch the temple, Mom." You can't deny the spirit that surrounds the temple and I look forward to when she readies herself for her first temple recommend and we take her insider for the first time. I'm excited to share her photos and will do it as soon as I get them.

From there, we went to dinner with Nanna Teresa at City Creek and enjoyed the incredible "people watching" experience that was Comic Con. Holy cow, that was super entertaining. Next year, I'm taking my kids downtown to meet all of the Disney Princesses who are lounging in the food court.

A trip to the grocery store, cleaning the house, last minute preparations for Dad's birthday and finishing up my lesson for Relief Society is how the day ended. IT WAS INSANE. Hooray for bedtime.
Next up, Easter Sunday and Andrew turns thirty one.

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