Monday, April 21, 2014

Out and About

Never mind that there's a possibility of snow in the forecast. Just don't think about that. And while I welcome the rain that will hopefully green up our lawn, I think we'd all be pleased with another (and another) round of this beautiful Spring weather.
With a fresh supply of kites (thank you, Easter Bunny), we'd totally be "up" for an afternoon of friendly wind.

Here's a summary of what we've been up to...

15 minutes (give or take) down the road is a park my children lovingly refer to as the, "Castle Park!"
A hop, skip and a jump away from the Castle Park, nestled in a most lovely neighborhood, sits an empty lot. I can't believe I'm about to type these words but that lot is the site of my parent's future home!(!!!!). Attached to their move are a mix of emotions; especially for my parents. This change marks the end of a memorable, important and special chapter in their life. I haven't fully processed the "goodbye" to Canyon View Drive myself because I'm so distracted by my excitement. The distance from our home to Nana and Papa's was reduced from forty minutes to 17ish. Hey; but who's calculating?!  

Mia and Eliza
Cool news continued: the Chamberlain Chicks live in the same neighborhood.
These melt my heart.
It's rare when I capture I genuine Lottie smile.
As for cousin Sara, she's a star!

Soccer season is in full swing. The best part, so far, has been attending Eliza's practices. Henry and Lottie are free to roam the playground, while Forrest and I walk the track or visit with other "soccer Moms."
It's all fun and games at the park until Lottie takes a tumble. She is left with a baby sized scratch on her palm and subsequently loses her marbles completely.

"Do you want to sit in the stroller with Forrest while Mama walks the track until you feel better?" I suggest. With crocodile tears falling down her cheek, she nods her head in agreement. Less than thirty seconds later, she takes a look at her hand and the sob fest resumes. As fast I can, I make it around the track as her tearful serenade (tantrum) continues.

Bandaids, really and truly, are magic. Despite my frustration, I had to smile at how her mood INSTANTLY shifted when that bandaid was applied to her small, but seemingly significant, injury. 

Lottie and Forrest were also treated to a morning at the mall. I rarely frequent the mall, so we had to make the most of it with a visit to the kid playland. It was gratifying watching Forrest has his fill of fun for once!
He isn't terribly deprived though.
Sometimes an incredibly special and doting big brother will make the rounds with him on the hardwood floor. The other day he showed Forrest the art of driving race cars. It was adorable.
However, a more common scene involves a left behind baby, pining for his older siblings and the exciting, adventure filled life they lead in their shared backyard.

Be patient sweet babe. Please let me keep you to myself for now. In a blink, you'll be apart of their crew full time. (*GIANT SOB*).

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Vause Family said...

So exciting that your parents will be so close! Looking at cousin Mia I now see where Lottie comes from. Dan commented that Forrest was a really cute baby. Please know that is a compliment reserved only for deserving babies! Glad to see y'all are doing well.