Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break in Progress (Eliza gets her ears pierced!)

I hope my first thought was one of compassion. Honestly though, I probably took a moment to allow myself to feel grossed out. The sight of baby vomit, mingled with discernible pieces of Sunday night's dinner, is unpleasant enough. However, the foul stench of it all is what really captured my attention when opening his door.

"Poor baby! What happened, sweetheart? Are you sick?" If he could talk, I would deservedly hear:

"You think this is finger paint, lady? Yes, I'm sick!"

It's Monday morning and while I'm still quite tired myself, the house is alive with a unique energy. Not only is it Eliza and Henry's first day of spring break; but my husband is preparing to leave for the airport. I resist the temptation to feel overwhelmed. With his new job, the increase in work related travel is part of the deal. Let's just hope those days where he works from home really do compensate for the hours he spends away from his family. Time will tell.

"Forrest's bed was covered in throw up." I inform him as he quickly passes by. He's on a mission to make sure everything is in place before he has to leave for the airport. Talking mostly to myself, I add:

"But I think he just was coughing too hard." I look down at my baby who is now nursing and proceed to reassure myself. "He's just fine now. We'll head straight up to the bathtub and he'll be as good as new." Again, I think I'm the sole participant of this conversation.

One hour and two messy diapers later, I would sadly be proven wrong. My baby had a nasty bug. A few hours later, a fever would be thrown into the mix.
Meanwhile, promises of special spring break outings danced in the minds of my older children. They were sad to see their Dad leave but happy about the activities that awaited them. Forrest's illness quickly changed things. Their disappointment was hard to see, but seeing my baby feel so yucky was harder.

Today is Thursday. And while spring break has looked more like winter break, we've succeeded in our efforts to keep busy making memories. Tuesday, Forrest seemed a lot better. His fever {thankfully} never made a second appearance after that first dose of tylenol, he was eating well and his diapers were normal. Even so, I felt hesitant to take him to the movies with us. Rumor has it, eleven month olds don't love sitting perfectly on laps in dark movie theaters for an extended amount of time. So, I called a babysitter. That was probably the best decision I made all week. Forrest was able to sleep, sleep, sleep; while the big kids and I were able to go see... the LEGO MOVIE!!
The appropriate review would be that it was AwESoMe!! Because, let's be honest kids, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!
Guess what else is awesome? Watching your daughter have her ears pierced! It all happened so fast. It was a super emotional experience for me (yes, I own that I'm being dramatic), as I quietly stood back and watched it unfold. We've been discussing pierced ears with Eliza for months! She's been so insistent and so(ooooo) ready and I've been so like,

"Okay, let me talk to your Dad..." And it turns out, he was completely supportive of the idea. So then she was like (for the 100th time):

"Mom!! Can I PLEASE get my ears pierced!? I'm like the only girl in my class who doesn't have her ears pierced!" And I callously retorted:

"That doesn't bother me at all if that's true. Sorry. You need a new approach, babe." She kept asking and so I decided that I was the one who needed the new approach. I call it:

The Scary Ear Piercing You Tube Videos of Girls Bawling Hysterically Approach

I just wanted her to be totally sure she new what she was signing up for.

She watched a few of those and remained firm in her desire. Months, yes months, passed and finally I said,

"Well, maybe during Spring Break." Eliza's Aunt Ami overheard one of these chats. Being kind, she offered to take my kids this week so we could head down to Claires; just the two of us. This favor proved unnecessary as Claires is right next to the movie theater. We had twenty minutes to spare before the movie and well, one thing led to another...
It was spontaneous, but not really. I was already okay with it. But it was another big milestone (for this Mom, anyway) that wasn't subtle. As the movie depicts, she didn't even flinch. She is thrilled to the bone to have her ears pierced and is very excited about showing off those earrings when school is back in session.

If you really want your mind blown, click HERE to see a video of when she first walked. 
The experience was made more special as her cousins, Aunt Ami and Nana were there as she took this "big girl" step. After the movie, we headed to Centerville for lunch.
Finally it was time to head back home (in a snow storm, true story). I was super eager to see that baby of mine.
Wednesday morning, sadly began much like Monday. Forrest's tummy bug had returned. And so we had another day in. To their credit, the kids did well keeping themselves occupied (for the most part). My favorite was when I came down to find that Eliza was hosting a 'teddy bear picnic' and reading to Henry and Lottie as they cuddled in blankets.
As for today we met friends at Kangaroo Zoo! Aside from one (read: three) Lottie related meltdowns, the kids had a great time.
You make these decisions as best you can when planning outings. Today I opted to let Forrest take his morning nap and then go to Kangaroo Zoo; which meant we were playing during prime Lottie nap time. You do the best you can.
Before heading home we made a quick stop to the nature center so the kid's could enter the Earth Day art contest. Click HERE to see what happened when Eliza entered last year. However, if proud Mothers make you nauseous, don't click there; just sayin'.

We took our time on our way back to the car. The sun was finally shining and for about ten minutes it truly felt like Spring.
Our Daddy is on his way home and hopefully will be able to squeeze in something fun with us this weekend. You know, unless someone decides to get *sick*. Because that happens. 

*insert obstacle of choice here*

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poor forrest! He looks so pitiful! I hope he feels better soon and the rest of you guys don't catch it!