Thursday, April 10, 2014

That Dad

This photo makes me all warm and weepy inside.

And while I feel ashamed that all of my Mother's goodhearted attempts to turn me into a seamstress flopped, I find consolation, joy even, in the tender feelings that accompanied a scene which included my husband teaching Eliza how to work at sixty + year old sewing machine.  

I should note that this beautiful sewing machine belonged to Grandma Flegal. It was Andrew's one request when her belongings were being gifted to her posterity.

Did I know he could sew? Nope! Am I surprised that he can? Nope! Anyway, after a few you tube tutorials on how to work this particular machine, he was set. And Eliza is thrilled about it. 

Why, yes. That's a paper towel they're working with. You have to start somewhere, I suppose.
Henry soon got in on the action. It was his job to lift the "foot" up and down per Andrew's request. 
This was a great activity to lead into our morning of General Conference. Multi-tasking proved difficult so we soon put their new "toy" away so we could listen better. General Conference, women's conference especially, was wonderful; but more on that later.

I mentioned a post back that Andrew's been gone on business related travels. It feels excessive at the moment but he's in the midst of learning all about his new company which means he's attending training meetings and visiting plants where the engines are built, etc. The frequency should slow down once he's more acclimated.

The good news is, he's still a great Dad. And when he's home, he's engaged with the children. Aside from sewing paper towels together; here's what they've been up too:

A former co-worker of Andrew's invited our family down to see some of their farm animals.

"You should bring your kids!" The man encouraged. "Our miniature horse had a baby!" Are we kidding? You can't decline an offer containing that much cuteness. Sadly, I missed out as I was busy having an awesome time at a cell phone picture taking/editing class (read: I was having Ali friend time and loving it).

"Are you okay taking all of the children with you?" I asked him.

"They're good kids. Absolutely." I was surprised and pleased with his confidence. Even so, that didn't stop me from packing a bag of baby and child related essentials for their outing and putting it on the front seat of his car the night before. I've got his back.

Lucky for me, he remembered to take pictures. Here's the baby miniature horse!

The kids, Forrest included, each had a turn riding the Mama horse.
And as a bonus, the man who invited the kids over is likewise an engineer who opted to build a swing for his senior design project. When I say "swing," imagine a series or rotating swings that you'd see at a fair. I'll be honest, I'm glad I wasn't there to panic about this in person. Watching the video I was more than nervous as I observed the speed!! The kids deemed this, "The best day ever!" Click HERE to see the video as I am having a hard time uploading it directly to this post. I think it's worth a look because in addition to our kids, he put his dog on one of the swings too. You don't see that everyday!

The day improved when we were reunited in Salt Lake at Nanna Teresa's house where we enjoyed time with the Taylors and Jensens (and Bubba and Nanna of course).
Cutie pie cousins, Ellie and Lottie

 Last Friday, the Chamberlain chicks came up for a campfire cookout. And while hot dogs and store bought potato salad (shhh, don't tell Mel that I'm a huge slacker!) were on the menu, we did bust out the dutch oven to make a delicious peach crisp.
 Jokingly we informed Andrew that he was in charge of the kids as Ami and I had plans to disappear to go shopping. He was awesome and gave us the green light. We did take Forrest, however. Ami was so nice to keep him occupied so I could try on clothes. I benefit so much on her advice when shopping. I hope this becomes a more frequent occurrence!

Soccer has resumed and with it has come Henry's weekly 8:00 a.m. soccer game. It's painful waking up and hauling the kids out the door so early. However, once we're there and settled, I have a total blast watching the kids play.

Sunday afternoon, we kissed Andrew goodbye once more as he set off to Indiana. Hugging him, I suddenly choked up as I had flashbacks of when I said goodbye to him when he left on his mission. Sheesh. That was hard. Remembering that chapter put it all into perspective. I can easily do a week. After all, he didn't leave me alone this time.
 With a big sister who serves as my right hand, a delightful dragon and a demanding, yet endearing, cowgirl princess, I have a lot to keep me occupied. And let's not forget him...
Forrest Flegal ~ 11 months old

Forrest's fever surfaced again after days of feeling great. He also has two super swollen teeth ready to break through his gums and a mouth full of unending drool. I hope that those teeth are the culprit to his suddenly sleepless nights and fever. Poor, sweet baby.

*Update: He's happy and healthy again. The fever is gone. 
Have I mentioned that I love my kids?!

We'll see you soon, Daddy. We love you so much!
Sadly, I had to cancel my last hair cut appointment. 
It's a shame that you can definitely tell. 


rachel garber said...

Oh my gosh, you are such a good mom! I love it!

Andrew and sewing. What will he floor us with next? My uncle can sew like nobody's business and my aunt can't - much to my grandmother's (her mom) disapproval. I think it's great when guys can do these things!

Katie Jensen said...

Brent has a few holes in his pants. Can I bring them over so Andrew can fix them?