Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yee-haw, let's party!! (and then can I take a nap?)

On your mark, get set...


 In keeping with that racing spirit, here goes the birthday party recap fit for a most special cowgirl. 
After three years of family birthday celebrations, Eliza told me that what she really wanted for her birthday was a party with her school friends.

A month ago, Andrew took the kids to visit a co-worker who owns miniature horses. After that magical introduction, Eliza knew exactly the type of party she wanted. With the theme set, I went to work perusing Pinterest; a process that I usually find overwhelming and painful. When reviewing the thousands of perfectly executed ideas, the pressure of what's possible makes me want to scream. I have many online/social media/time sucking weaknesses, but Pinterest isn't one of them. Unless I have a specific need, I avoid it. But I have to say, as much as it overwhelms me, Pinterest will always deliver a solid idea (and then some!). Why I just shared all that, who knows. Speaking of a waste of time... welcome to MY BLOG!!

I tried to simplify. With the help of a talented lady found via Etsy, I was able to bring a few fun details to life. The process, again, isn't a joyful one, but man... when Eliza is your child and you receive her thrilled reaction to each little thing, the payback is huge. 

First came the decor:
When the girls arrived, we began by taking their photo by the Wanted poster. It helped keep them occupied why we waited for everyone to arrive. Next, they went panning for gold. Lucky for me, Andrew volunteered (wait, what?) to go fly fishing the night before the big party, ahem, by himself. 

"I'll bring home lots of rocks and spray paint them gold." He made good on his promise, but the impromptu fishing trip was less than ideal. I was a good wife and kept my mouth shut. Well, except for the part where I said,

"Okay then. I'm taking the kids to Chik-Fil-A." Since he'd spent that day working from home, I had previously believed he'd be around to help with kids so I could cook uninterrupted (a true gift, I tell you). With all of the cleaning and birthday party prep that remained, I felt justified. Andrew was cool with the plan. My consolation prize for his sudden absence was in place.

Despite my love for Chik-Fil-A, my happy plan imploded just as I was concluding my order via the drive thru.

"Can I get anything else for you, Ma'm?" The super polite, 'It's always a pleasure,' Chik-Fil-A employee asked. Before I can reply, Henry has unbuckled his seat belt and positioned himself right behind my head. He shouts,

"Yes! How about a cup of fart juice please?!"

I WANTED TO DIE. But first, I wanted to verbally beat my child! Because it takes time to roll up the car window, my children were allowed a moment to laugh hysterically. And then, Mean Witch Mom of the West took over. My kids were privileged to a fifteen minute passionate lecture about how good manners begin at home (and that includes the car) etc!!

Sheeeesh. Cold cereal would have been the way to go. Lesson learned! Back to Eliza's birthday party.
The wild bandits gathered with their tin pails around the sandbox. After giving the green light, the hunt for gold began. After finding five pieces, they went to the trading post where Cowboy Henry (a.k.a. Ron Swanson) swapped their gold pieces for gold covered chocolates.
The Pony Express sack race (featured above) followed.
I love our giant yard; even though we are losing the war on weeds (and manners, apparently) at our house. After two (entertaining) rounds of racing, Eliza opened her birthday gifts. Her friends know her well as most of the gifts were artsy craft type projects.
With two presents left to open, the (wait for it) MANE attractions arrived.
ANDREW was thrilled!!!
The kids were pretty excited about it too. After each friend took their first ride, it was time to get some grub (because that's what cowgirls eat: grub).

After singing to the birthday girl (in Chinese of course), the girls were free to play sheriff and bandits, ride the ponies, etc. I'm confident that my birthday girl's wish for a 'fun party with her friends' came true. 
 With her baptism quickly approaching, I will reserve my blogging love song for a different day.
Her actual birthday was Sunday, May 11. She was gracious to share the day as it was also Mothers day. Oh how I love love love her.
Happy Birthday Eve: the last snuggle before my seven year old turns eight.


*Jess* said...

awesome party and great details!

rachel garber said...

Um, you are amazing. That was a killer party - down to Ron Swanson being there and everything. I'm envious. I understand your Pintrest thing - I'm on it just for preschool ideas and that's it. I waste so much more time elsewhere on the internet. Read: blogs :) (and birth stories as of late).

A cup of fart juice? Classic. And naughty. I love little boys.

Keeping your mouth shut while Andrew fishes? I know the feeling my friend.

Last but not least? My punishment for being mouthy used to be weeding. Guess who grew up to hate (and I mean hate) yard work? Ta-da! Let the weeds grow and never turn that into a punishment . . . from somebody who knows the pain of a wasted Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

Fart juice! LOLOLOL!! Sometimes you just need to laugh and not lecture 😉

Ali said...

And that dear reader (ANON), is why I included the story. It is most definitely funny (and horrifying) but considering the stressed mood I was in that day, the upset teacher in my brain superseded the "easy going, let's roll with this" part of my personality.

Andrew will be pleased to see how funny you thought it was!

Audra said...

SO did he get what he wanted?

Liz Green said...

What a fun cowgirl birthday party! Eliza is lucky to have such wonderful parents.