Thursday, June 26, 2014

Adventures with Alaskans

It's been a year since my brother Mark moved his family up to Alaska. After months apart, we were really excited when the Mays family, sans my brother, arrived to Utah for their highly anticipated summer visit.

You can imagine that there was a lot of catching up to do!
Don't mind Forrest. 
This is how he prefers to "catch up" with friends. 

Cousin Brynn sure loves baby Forrest. It's fun to see how she works her way over to him no matter what exciting invitations are flying at her from the older kids. While Eliza helps me with Forrest related favors around the clock, Brynn is itching for the chance to help with him. That kind of enthusiasm is fantastic.

The Mays and Chamberlain cousins were at our house last week to play. When Henry saw Scott for the first time, he sung the words:

"Hi Scott!" I know. It doesn't "sound" the same in print. But man, it was a darling little welcome. Tyler has changed the most, in my opinion, as he's crossed the line from toddler years to full fledged big boy. It's fun to see him pal around with Henry. 
Forrest and Kaitlyn
It's a shame my mild mannered, sweet as pie, super witty Mama doesn't have a blog. But if she did, I imagine her latest entry would read something like this:

Dear blog:
My grandwees are here from Alaska! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Watching them play with their cousins makes me so happy! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Nana Marie 
p.s. Yes. Ali is still my favorite.

She had plates of her homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting for them in her fridge well before they arrived.  

Later in the week, we went to a movie at the dollar theater where I had a great time tailing Forrest as he explored the hallways instead of magically sitting still inside the theater. After behaving perfectly during the previews, he was done.

Following the movie, we went to Sugarhouse Park where we dined on gourmet cuisine.
It was great being together.

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