Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rewind to May continued: Henry, Henry and more Henry

Like I said in my previous post, the month of May was crazy!
We had:
  • Weekend soccer games, 
  • A visit from our dear German friend, Michael Auras (see the first three months of this blog if you're wondering who he is)
  • Forrest first birthday
  • Eliza's cowgirl birthday party
  • Eliza's baptism and luncheon
  • Our weekend trip to Park City
  • I taught twice in Relief Society (yikes)
  • Spirit week at school (which I forgot about) and teacher appreciation
In addition, Henry and I had some quality bonding time as he also had a few milestones of his own to cover.

First up, thanks to Nana Marie, I was able to go on a field trip with Henry's class to the dinosaur park. When I asked him what his favorite part was, I'm not making this up, he told me it was having me there (oh he melts my heart!).
 The last week of school, Lottie, Forrest and I were invited to attend a Teddy Bear picnic with Henry's class. We enjoyed lunch, visiting with friends and watching the children participate in different games. This was simply a warm up to "field day" which Henry would enjoy a day or two later. Lottie and I both loved being included.
 Instead of a teddy bear, Henry opted to bring his snake to the picnic!
A few days later, Henry was graduating from Kindergarten. Let the cliche expressions begin as I tell you how five minutes ago it was Eliza walking across that stage to receive her diploma. Time is so crazy! I'm so proud and grateful for the school year Henry had. Not only did he learn to read and write well, but it really strengthened him emotionally as he over came personal anxiety by learning ways to calm and cope without me being right there. He is a very well behaved boy but sometimes if he misses a piece of instruction or simply forgets it, he'll panic and stress. Mrs. Chase was patient and wise as she helped him recognize these feelings and would work to help him cope. Socially, he thrived. He's a very friendly, kind boy and is well liked among his peers. In fact, he's kind of a heart throb and I've recently learned that he has a few little crushes himself. We also learned in May that Henry's been accepted into the Chinese dual immersion program, which begins in first grade!
 After his graduation ceremony, we met two of his friends at McDonalds for play place celebration. Forrest has the BEST time of all, I think, as he was permitted to roam and climb. He relishes those opportunities!

In other Henry news, he still loves his bunnies. Technically, they belong to all of our children, but he spends the most (creative) time with they by a mile.
 And finally, Henry lost his first tooth a week ago. Because this child is brave, he allowed his Dad to pull it out. We have more ideas brewing for future teeth extractions after seeing how brave and willing he is to do something fun! Enjoy!

 You'll be pleased to know that the Tooth Fairy (not the dentist) did in fact come. The following morning I heard him report to his sisters:

"I totally heard the tooth fairy last night!" He informs them.

"Did you see her?" I question. 

"Of course not. Then she wouldn't have brought me a dollar!" Duh, Mom. Returning to his original statement his eyes grow big as he explains:

"But I heard her and she sounded like sparkles and soft bells!" 

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