Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rewind to the month of May-(HEM)

We are well into our second week of summer break (!!!!!) and have kept busy swimming, going to the splash pad with friends and playing, living really, in the backyard. Judging by the state of my house, we could probably pay better attention to the needs of our home... or not. That's what winter's good for, yes?

Before I fall  further behind on my blogging duties, I need to make a return to the crazy month of May.

At the beginning of May we went on a lovely, family friendly, hike near Ogden Canyon called the Birdsong Trail with the Chamberlains. After our little exploration we met my parents back at our home for pizza! It was a great evening! 
 The following Saturday, after a particularly freezing morning of soccer, we met our dear friend Michael Auras (visiting here from Germany) for a fun day at the new aquarium. Dinner with the Flegal crew followed. It was a great day with a great friend... except I'm a lousy friend as I didn't get a photo of him with Andrew and the kids. We thought we'd be seeing him a few days later, but that didn't work out. Lesson learned!
The Flegals at the Living Planet Aquarium 

p.s. I am a huge Survivor fan; which is why I about peed my pant when
I saw Survivor winner Tyson and Rachel 
(Blood Vs.Water) 
at the aquarium!
I turned into an over enthusiastic, crazy super fan.
Naturally I introduced myself 
(after stalking them for half an  hour)
and told Tyson how his strategy was masterful and "brilliant" 
(kill me now, I should think before I speak)
And invited them over for Sunday dinner 
(didn't happen. Shocker).
They were super nice! And Rachel has the most perfectly beautiful complexion 
(because you were wondering)
And they probably thought that I have adorable kids.
(anything to distract from my crazy)

April and May also included soccer games, every Saturday, always beginning at 8:00 am (a total pain!)... but Eliza and Henry both love to play.

 And we love when Nana Marie comes to watch (even when the weather is incredibly awful)!

 And here are a few miscellaneous photos of our cute fleglets.

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