Thursday, June 26, 2014

So long. Farewell. (Kindergarten and the 2nd grade)

There's no time to be witty and charming when you're still scrambling to catch up on the blog. I blame instagram entirely. 

Because it's important to me, here's a look at the first and last day's of school for the Fleglets.

Henry's first and last day of Kindergarten: 

 Eliza's first and last day of second grade:
And finally, look how my favorite little side kicks changed this past school year:
Looking back at my collection of photos from the month of May, I found some fun ones from "spirit week." Speaking of spirit, this Mom failed to clue in on the dates so my kids missed out on "pajama day" and I'm pretty sure there was a crazy sock day at some point that I neglected to photograph. To my devoted posterity, I extend my deepest apologies that I failed on that front. ;) 

Crazy hair day:

Having procrastinated getting Henry's hair cut for weeks, my guilt for said laziness was appeased when I realized how much hair I had to work with that morning.

 Mis-match day was my favorite:

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