Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why I love their Dad

This Dad of ours works hard every day of the week. Sunday morning's he's up at 5:30 in the morning preparing for his first early morning Bishopric meeting. However, on Fathers day, that lucky duck was excused from early Sunday meetings (Huzzah!). This provided me with the perfect opportunity to spoil him with breakfast in bed make him pose with the kids before Church for a Father's day picture!

He was(n't) thrilled.
And while this photo did make the instagram cut, it doesn't fully capture the type of Father he is. I appreciated looking at all of the fun, sweet and predictable Father's day type tributes on social media, but personally felt limited in expressing how fortunate my kids are that they landed Andrew as a Dad. 

At the end of the day, they know he loves them. And he knows that they love him. They're crazy about him, in fact. That's what matters, right? 

But since I'm back here in my happy blogging space, allow me a moment to elaborate further on their special Dad.  

Their Dad is the one who calls me from his drive home from work on a Friday because he's excited about "practicing to camp" with the kids that night. 
He's the guy who makes the fun memories happen. 
And he's the one to make sure there aren't any sugar bugs hiding in the children's mouths at bedtime. 
He's the kind of Dad who wakes up multiple times in the tent to stuff his limp like a noodle three year old daughter back into her sleeping bag so she stays warm.
When the Mama comes up with the idea to watch a movie outside a few weekends later, he magnifies the plan by adding a couch... because why not?!
We introduced our kids to the movie: The Little Rascals
It was a very fun night.

Sometimes his ideas are flat out strange (and borderline mean). Fathers day, Andrew caught a big bumble bee. Without offering an explanation, he zips it in a baggie and places it in the freezer. Once it's "fallen asleep", he ties a string to it so he can "fly" it when it's warmed up a bit. The plan had flaws, but the kids were sure intrigued by the process.
Waiting for bee to take flight...
It never happened, 
but it did "wake up"...

And finally, after a day of playing with cousins, he comes home from work and offers up a red neck style train ride. 
Even the bunnies were invited.
And Henry wore a helmet, which makes me laugh.

That, I hope, paints a more detailed picture. We love you, Andrew!

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Liz Green said...

What a great father he is to those kids. It's nice to have that option of CAMPING in your back yard and going on a free TRAIN RIDE. :)