Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blaser-ing through Lagoon and Childrens Discovery Museum

After two years, we were reunited with our friends the Blasers! As I observed how much Michelle's boys have grown, the time spent apart was obvious. However, it was satisfying to watch as the children easily resumed their friendships; especially Talon (who now goes by his first name,James) and Eliza. I was worried that their soon-to-be third grade brains would have altered their feelings about having a buddy that was opposite their gender. Eliza was highly invested (emotionally) in each of their interactions which didn't seem to bother Talon. When the time arrived to say that final "Goodbye" (again), Eliza was in tears. In dramatic fashion, she rushed to Talon's side to awkwardly wave goodbye one final time. She also gifted him with a rainbow loom bracelet. It broke my heart and melted it all at once.

Our time with the Blasers was limited as it seems they are highly popular in the state of Utah. Even so, I'm happy that we were able to share two exciting, fun filled days with them. The actual reunion, where I jumped up and down like a happy little fool, happened in the Lagoon parking lot. Having just arrived myself, I was preparing our belongings when I saw Michelle pull up. I ditched what I was doing (including my kids) and ran to where she parked to begin an over enthusiastic welcome; which I'm sure made her silently cringe.

Returning to my kids, our day at Lagoon began. 

Lottie really liked going on rides with Michelle. 
Thankfully, Nate-dawg evened things out by being my pal that day.
Dear Nate: 
I remember when your Mom was in labor with you. 
She called to tell me she was on her way to the hospital 
but then, as we were chatting, a giant contraction hit and
she hung up the phone on me 
because my squeals of excitement made her pain that much worse. 
I also remember when she told me she was expecting you. 
But I'll save that story for another day. 
Thanks for being my friend. 
Yours truly,
Nate (age 5), Henry and Colby (age 6) and Clayton (age 3)
I wish they still saw each other every day. :(
Experiencing Lagoon with Lottie was a total joy
as she was able to enjoy new "big kid" rides for the first time.
Henry's face!

A week or so later, we met up them one more time at the Children's Discovery Museum. It had been a long time since I've gone there but oh, did I remember the place well. Take a look at this post to remember why (it's worth it, I promise).

It's a great place to have fun while escaping the summer heat. I sure hope we don't have to wait another two years before we see each other again. Hopefully I can make good on that promise to bring my family to the South for a combined family beach trip. I know. Jimmy can hardly stand the excitement of that possibility.
These two cutie pies were born a month apart
and were subsequently blessed on the same day. 
See that post here.

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