Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cherry Hill

While the Mays cousins were in town, we tried our best to meet together often. On one of those occasions, we took our first trip to Cherry Hill. It was a thrilling night as we watched Andrew and Henry brave "cardiac canyon," which is an intense tube ride experience. Andrew did his part to make sure Henry didn't tip out of his tube; something I appreciated more than Henry did.
Lottie instantly found her thrill on the pirate ship slide. Along with her look-a-like cousin Sara, the pair returned again and again to the top of that slide. Lottie's enthusiasm never wavered. In fact, it took a lot of persuading to convince Lottie to head over to the lazy river with me.
Eliza basked in the freedom to explore Cherry Hill with her older cousins. They promised to "look after her." I felt at ease as I factored in her swimming abilities, the myriad of life guards and the shallow depths of the attractions.
As for Forrest, to his great dismay, he was left at home with a babysitter. We took an evening trip to Cherry Hill which coincided with his bed time. However, after leaving him alone with the sitter for our outing to Lagoon a week before, Forrest was really beginning to feel abandoned. In fact, when we saw said babysitters at Church on Sunday, he clung to me and wailed. It's very rude of him, yes, but I can't say I blame him. It's one thing to leave your baby with his siblings for a night out with Daddy, but to leave him for an extended period of time, without his brother and sisters... well, I  understand his feelings!
Even so, it was a treat to be able to splash and swim with the older kids in the pools, etc. Hopefully, with time, Forrest will make peace with his babysitters and forgive me for the time spent apart. :)
The night ended with a dance party on the grass; born of a live band. I danced like a fool along with the children and relished in their acceptance of my free spirit and embarrassing (to some) behavior. It was one of my favorite summer moments.

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Liz Green said...

It looks so beautiful up there at the cabin. Wish we could have made it.