Monday, July 14, 2014

Down time

Yesterday, in Andrew's opinion, I did the unthinkable. I turned down an invitation to spend the day at the lake. There isn't a doubt in my foggy, yet constantly buzzing, brain that I would have enjoyed watching my children tube behind the boat, possibly water ski and play on the beach. Sun screening four kids throughout the day would have been a battle, but it really is a small price when you and your children have the chance to visit and socialize with a family that you love while having fun. Even so, Forrest and I declined. 

Maybe Andrew's right. Maybe I am a little crazy for passing up on that memory, but I have to tell you, dear reader, that I felt like I needed a minute to decompress and breathe. When you are constantly in "go mode," a few things happen. Children grow irritable because they're exhausted, laundry piles up and your house, in general, falls apart. The stress of which disrupts your attempt to fall asleep at bed time. It's there when you open up an empty fridge or realize that you still haven't cleaned up the pile of (unused) tampons from Forrest's latest adventure into your bathroom cupboards. As my family has grown, so has my need to regroup, organize, find time to be alone (even if it's a solo trip to the grocery store), and really clean something (even if it returns to chaos seconds later). I need this "down time" to maintain a clear head and stable heart beat.

I'm not complaining. I apologize in advance if it comes across that way. What's more annoying than a person showcasing their fantastic, amazing life 24-7? Oooh, ooh... pick me! I know! Someone who complains about being tired due to their fantastic and amazing life. So as I sit here, eager to type, I'm crossing my fingers (except not really because that would make typing tricky) that I don't become "that person."

So in between the day trips and family gatherings, we stay home. The kids play legos at the kitchen counter while I binge watch tv on Netflix as i fold and sort laundry upstairs in my bedroom. Forrest assists me. And, if you're curious, Parenthood is my current show. As I considered sending them a Christmas Card this year, I realized that I possibly need to cut back. 
They (sometimes) help each other at meal times and they (sometimes) agree to procuring their stranded on the toilet sibling a new roll of toilet paper. Acts of kindness like that really make my Mom heart sing. We fawn over our cute baby because on the days we spend at home, he is absolutely the star of the show. 
Lottie is allowed to wear her pink swim suit or her pink ballerina dress up (whatever her mood dictates) all day.
The neighbor children come over and picnic in our tree house and play in the sandbox. Eliza disappears behind a book (she's on the fifth Harry Potter - yay!!!) or she plays dress up with the clothes from her own closet.
I call this: Eliza's day at the beach.
Filling the bucket with water, 
Eliza "relaxes" with a book, in the umbrella's shade, while taking her toes for a dip
Sooooo funny. 

Henry is usually outside. He's in the chicken coop doing who knows what, building in the sandbox or simply escaping the house for his daily dose of "fresh air." He did, unfortunately, come down with a two day fever the week of the fourth of July. Thankfully, his germs didn't spread to the other children and he was better in time to join in the festivities. But it was still sad to see him sick.
That's a quick illustration of what happens before Dad gets home. That's when the real party starts. We watch movies outside. We are having trouble selling our couches on KSL so we feel better about that by placing them in the backyard and comfortably watching a movie. Or, other nights, the kids hop aboard the redneck train express. Their excitement makes him feel like super dad. He also suggests on a regular basis that we shoot water bottle rockets. I wonder when the kids will grow tired of these things. I hope the answer is never. On a more low key week, I get lucky and the two of us leave the kids with a babysitter and we go out on a date! This makes me so happy.  

This is my adorable nephew, Joey. 
He's one year older than Forrest and he is the master of saying "Cheese!"
And sometimes, Eliza looks like she's twelve.

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