Thursday, July 31, 2014

Forrest at 14 months

I begin with this photo.
 It isn't worthy of a prize or anything but I wanted to post it because it captures what truly makes me happy. The main level of our home is a wall of windows which allows me the gift of watching the kids get lost in their imaginations together outside. Or, to be truly honest, it's where I shoe the children when I need to make an important phone call or re-collect drops of patience when my well has run dry.

Forrest squeals like a happy piglet when he and I join his big sisters and brother outside. I relax in the shade of our trees until I notice that my 14 month old baby can climb the ladder of our tree house. The neighborhood is then privy to his cry of protest when I rescue him from potential disaster.

In other Forrest news, I took him to his one year old check up right around his 14 month old mark. He's twenty pounds. I can't remember his height but he's not super tall for his age either.  
The most memorable part of his 12 (ahem, 14) month appointment was the fact that we went to the Doctor's office twice that day. Twenty minutes after returning home from his appointment, another child started complaining of bladder infection type related symptoms. Seriously?! Knowing how those symptoms can quickly escalate from bothersome to "shoot me now, I hate this"... I called the office back and scheduled an immediate return visit. A urine sample later, we learned that the dear child was fine. That's good news, yes. It just seemed ironic that after dodging the doctor's office for months only to return twice in one day.

Baby Forrest is a cutie pie. He is slowly learning to replace screaming with pointing or shaking/nodding his head. I said slowly. He's not there yet. But he has the sweetest little smile that involves scrunching up his nose which in turns shows off his cheesy toothy grin. It's his current trademark. I'm madly in love with his toothy little grin and Forrest has learned of this magic power of melting us instantly. He uses it to his advantage often. 

He loves, loves, loves Andrew. Their daily reunion is the best part of the day. Forrest rushes to him only to turn around and back up in reserve into his arms.
Henry had an exciting week as he lost his second tooth. Eager to have it out, he begged Andrew for days to pull it. Finally, Dad said it was wiggly enough. We thought we'd change things up a bit with a new extraction method. With a steel toed shoe attached to dental floss (which connected to Henry's tooth), we tossed the shoe off our second story banister. Horror struck! The floss broke and his tooth remained which left Henry howling in pain!

"Let's slam the back door, like last time." He decided. And so, just like his first tooth, Andrew did that and was successful. Phew!
Ta ta for now!

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