Monday, July 14, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

Let Freedom Ring!

The morning of the fourth of July, we ate (a slightly burnt) breakfast, got dressed and hopped in the car to drive down to Kaysville for their city parade.
 But first, we made Forrest sit for a picture that he did not want to be apart of.
Oh I love them.
 Lottie new what was up as she relaxed in the shade while we waited for the parade to start.
 I feel like my hair and I owe you an apology for how it looks in this picture.
We're sorry.
 It felt weird to say out loud that this was our baby's
'second' Fourth of July holiday.
Man, he's a keeper!

We were soon joined by the Chamberlain chicks. Callie and Mia brought playing cards which I thought was both darling and wise as we counted down the minutes to the parade.
The parade began and these chairs were soon vacated as the kids scurried into the street to get as close as possible to the candy tossing action.
Lottie misplaced her candy bag before it began so she made due with this empty Capri Sun box. I didn't think it was possible, but it made her even more cute. She was so cute, in fact, that I watched a couple times as certain candy throwers would walk out of the parade to specifically place a treat in her box.
Continuing on the Lottie train, my absolute favorite part of the parade experience was when the pretend Disney Princesses made their way down the street toward our kids. Rapunzel made her way to Lottie and Sara. She chatted with them and gave them hugs. Just when I thought things couldn't get better, Elsa swooped in and hugged the girls too. My camera was sadly absent so I was forced to just memorize the magical moment.

And finally, what makes this parade unique among the many fourth of July parades in our area was the over the top, excitement filled, "water fight" at the end of the parade. Massive trucks full of water were hooked up to hoses which were then directed toward the eager crowd. It's hot and the promised water fight was expected. As a first timer to this parade, it was a total blast to watch the community "water fight" unfold. Many parade goers game prepared in swim suits and with water guns and other water fighting necessities of their own to ensure that those soaking the crowd would get their fair share of water themselves. :)

Eliza and Henry were excited to be apart of it. At a safe distance, I watched. It was a fun scene, to say the least. Parades can be overwhelming and annoying when competitively wired children (read: Eliza Flegal) obsess over the candy, BUT... that water fight was awesome enough to merit a repeat visit next year.

That afternoon we drove to Oakley where the Taylors recently finished building their home. Everything about their home, in my opinion, is brilliant. The floor plan is smart and well designed. The decor and color is dreamy and their view(s) are magnificent. Sara's artistic eye is truly evident in all of the planning she did. Anyway... their home is a dream and my kids loved every second that we spent there. 
 Shipley is our children's oldest cousin. 
She turned 17 yesterday!!
Happy birthday Shipley!
 Following our delicious dinner, we went to the Oakley Rodeo! It was a lot of fun. Considering we had a wiggly baby to contend with, there was some stress involved in keeping him happy and occupied but well worth the effort. The fireworks at the end were lovely, I'm sure, but the hysterical child in my arms proved to be a giant distraction. Even so, I am praying for a repeat experience next year.

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