Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Flegal Fish

Weber State is where my children attend swimming lessons. It was our third session in the three years that we've lived here and I've been a satisfied, grateful Mom following each experience. This summer was different as it marked the first time that Lottie was old enough to participate. She didn't have to vocalize her happiness to finally be included in what the big kids were doing as it was demonstrated in her total willingness to participate each day.

After our first lesson,  as I pulled the car into the garage, I instructed the following:

"Kids, please remember to bring your towels inside with you. Drop them by the washing machine so I can have them ready for our lessons tomorrow."

"Wait!" Lottie began. "You mean, we're going there again... tomorrow?' She was astonished. Another funny thing she said was on the way to their lessons a few days into the session. 

"Mom, my teacher keeps forgetting to get me a life jacket." :) 

My little fish each passed their respective class! I felt proud of them each day as I wrapped their wet bodies in the warmth of their towel and kissed their chlorine flavored cheeks. On that last day, I carefully read their swimming "report card" which highlighted their accomplishments. It was all fine and well, but if I had just one suggestion it would be to provide the parents who successfully chased, occupied and kept their young toddlers away from the steep, concrete bleacher steps a report of our own; complete with a giant gold star sticker. 

"You did it!" The report would say. "Congratulations on keeping your non-swimming child safe while trying to observe the rest of your children's lessons!" The post script would read: 

"Now go and enjoy a Diet Coke. You've earned it." As inconvenient as it was to chase and occupy curious Forrest during their lessons, the memory of having Lottie being "that" child remain clear in my memory. In a matter of Mom minutes, Forrest will be the child stepping into the pool for his first official lesson. And, if my prediction comes to pass, he will also be blessed to have a loving, watchful sister there to hold his hand too.

Each lesson began with the children receiving instruction outside of the pool. During these times, I'd often catch Henry's arm around Lottie. Without any prodding from me, he did this. Henry is without a doubt fiercely protective of those he loves.  

The last day of lessons, parents are allowed to watch on the side of pool as opposed to up in the bleachers. I was free to take video and photos while Curious Forrest was secure in his stroller.

"Grandpa Bob" was Henry's instructor. Last year, he was Eliza's. I just think the world of him. He's a great teacher and a great person.
Also, during their final lesson, Eliza's class was invited to play a game with the older children. It terrified her!
Eliza and her cute friend Kayla 

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