Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Summer of the Diving Board

I'm pleased to report that children were able to put their swimming skills into practice thanks to the generous invitation of friends and family to swim at their respective pools. Eliza took her first jump off a diving board, sans life jacket, while attending an Activity Day's outing. Having heard of her success, I wasn't surprised to see her run to the diving board at "the club;" the pool where Bubba and Nanna Teresa swim.
Bubba taught her the art of splashing innocent, picture taking, bystanders.

A few days later, our neighbors the Waterfalls invited us to swim. Scott and Nancy have adorable grandchildren who play with my kids when they come to Utah to vacation. These children are darling and I can understand completely my kid's fondness for them.
One hot day, they invited us to come over and swim. Andrew was working from home which made it possible for him to join us after "commuting home from work" (read: walking up the stairs!). It was a beautiful afternoon. Before attempting the diving board, Andrew warmed Henry up. Belly flops followed.
That didn't deter Henry. Moments later, I marveled as this happened.
Winston loved this more than my kids did!

Pioneer day we met with the Mays crew one last time before Jen and the kids would be returning to Alaska. Jen's parents were kind enough to have us all over for a fun night of pizza and swimming. 
Having recently had his immunizations, Forrest had a mild fever and a non-mild (read: disagreeable) temperament that night. He was still still everyone's favorite little fishy when he decided that, yes; he would tolerate the pool for a few minutes. 
It was a fun night and hopefully a happy send off for the Jen and the kids. We'll miss them a lot. 

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