Wednesday, August 13, 2014

14 going on 15

Sunday, August 3rd we gathered at Nanna Teresa's to celebrate Maxwell and Uncle Mike's birthdays. It was a happy night made better by two things. Liz and her kids were here from New York which brought all of the cousins together in one place. And, Michael Auras, a friend to the entire Flegal family, was likewise able to join us.

14 grand kids
Top row (left to right): Wickman, Cecelia and Shipley
Bottom row: Maxwell, Eliza, Syrelle, James, Nanna, Lottie, Ellie, Chantel, Bubba, a screaming Forrest, Truman, Tennessee and Henry

Ellie, Lottie, James and Chantel
They are all three years old.
And I'm thrilled they get to grow up together!
Nanna sent the kids on a treasure hunt. 
The reward was new supplies for school; 
so naturally, the kids had to give anything marked "Crayola" a test run.
Look how much Andrew and Bubba look alike.
And then there is Henry.
Do you see it?!
I love that picture of my boys!!

Acknowledging my beautiful and extremely pregnant sister in law, Katie, I observed:

"It's great that we got a photo with all the grandkids. But in a matter of days, it will be incomplete." And it came to pass... Friday, August 8th, Brent and Katie welcomed their darling daughter Harley Grace.
That's right. 
How cool am I? 
I have a niece named Harley! 

Holding newborn babies is heavenly. The word sacred probably describes it best. I will admit that I cried as I snuggled her. I cried because of how much I love this new baby. I cried because it brought to the surface how much I loved meeting my own babies. I cried because I don't know if I'll ever get to welcome a new baby again. And then, (*sigh) Andrew cried because his wife contemplates having more children. (Ha ha ha!!!)
We are seriously so happy that Harley is here. She scored big time. Katie and Brent are amazing parents and James and Ellie will be great, great siblings!

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