Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back To School Butterflies

Change is in the air! Closets have been thinned. Drawers have been sorted and re-organized. Shoes have been straightened into tidy rows. Socks have been mated. New clothes have carefully been hung...

The comprehensive, crappy because I hate it, closet clean-out of 2014 is nearly over. Donation bags need to be dropped off and clothing bins need to be stored for future use. Other than that, we can check that project off the list. Hooray!  

In the spirit of cleaning out, I cleared each child's bulletin boards in anticipation of the flood of fliers and school related notices that are about to hit.
I like the empty look so much that I might wait a few months before I start covering it with school reminders. 

Eye appointments, Priesthood blessings from Dad and "back to school haircuts" have also happened. Eliza's was very specific that she wanted a minor trim.
School supplies have been collected and turned in.
As specific as certain requests were, I had to look to Amazon for some items. Thank you Amazon Prime for free shipping.

And finally, after attending Back to School night with Eliza and Henry we came home Monday night ready to have family home evening. Tonight we introduced the kids to our family theme for the year.
 (Flower bouquets courtesy of Andrew.
We celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary this weekend!)

We wanted to "seek out" some ideas on how we can help build and stay focused on God's kingdom. So first, we had to construct our binoculars. 
 The kids decorated their binoculars with stickers. Andrew decorated Forrest's face with stickers.
 While the older children and I attended Back to School night, Andrew and Lottie set up the scavenger hunt.
 After all the tags had been collected, we busted out the treats and talked about each idea.
 My giant goal (I'm so terrible when it comes to goals) is to focus on one of these principles each month. We'll plan our FHE lessons around them and hopefully increase home evening consistency.
We're really good at 'winging' lessons. That will probably still happen; who am I kidding? But I feel good about this plan. I also felt good about my plan to assign each person in my family a laundry day and that didn't last a full week. So my track record is kind of awful. If I blog my progress, hopefully it will help keep me accountable AND limit the number of times I hear Eliza say this:

"Yes. I read my scriptures and pray every day. But NEVER with my family. I do it all on my own."

Good grief. 

And finally, let's call this the final shot of summer 2014. After dinner, my kids congregated together in the sandbox and I suddenly felt weepy. It's truly been their gathering place for the past three months (along with the couch in front of the television). I hope with my whole heart that it remains a place for all four of them to share for many summers to come because heaven knows they don't all fit in the bathtub. (*Insert Eliza here: Eww, that would be gross Mom! I need my privacy,  Mom!)
Tomorrow's the big day. Wish them luck (um, and me too!). 

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rachel garber said...

I love family themes! I told Garbs we will be doing this when Nix is older. We already have family rules - which cracks me up - but we don't necessarily have a yearly theme. I did write down a quote one year from Nie Nie and put it on our fridge but that was as far as that got. I think your FHE is creative and I want to see where this theme and future FHE's take you! Love it!