Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Exploring Lake Mary

Saturday, August 2nd we picked up Michael from his hotel as we had plans to spend the morning in Utah's beautiful mountains. We have memories (like this) of Michael and his family showing us the majesty of the Alps and other Bavarian treasures. This made me quietly wonder if Utah would be able to impress him in return. From what we could tell, he loved the scenery! It's not what he's accustomed to which I think enhanced his experience. It was a beautiful day! The trail was full of eager hikers but I didn't think that it took away from enjoyment that morning. The kids, Lottie especially, exceeded my expectations as there was minimal to zero complaints as we tackled the continuous incline up the mountain.
The kids (read: me) needed to stop and rest along our way up. The grown ups (again read: me) were happy to oblige.
Andrew isn't a complainer either. That's saying something when you consider that he still suffers from lingering back pain from his car accident last year. When he's active like this, which is often, he pays for it later.

Finally, we made it to the lake!
While Mom busted out the picnic lunch, Dad got to work setting up the fishing poles. The situation was made awkward due to the fact that we were sitting on an incline. Forrest wasn't able to navigate the hill which meant he had to park it in one of our laps. He did fine until, well... until he had ENOUGH! His scream of impatience was our cue that our picnic lunch/fishing excursion was over!! Once he was back in the pack, thankfully, he calmed right down.
Forrest was more interested in the squirrels and chipmunks that were scurrying around his siblings than in Andrew's fishing project.
The critters were hoping for a few crumbs from their sandwiches.
Eliza, on the other hand, had her sights on catching fish.
 My girls!
It was Michael's first time fishing. :)
Mom on baby duty
Andrew taught the kids to dip their hats in the water to help cool them down. The kids thought this was great except for the part where they had to put the now sopping hat back on their heads.

"Here Mom!" Handing their hat toward me. "Hold this for me." Ha. Right.
It was a beautiful day.

Michael also had his first ever slurpee after we finished the hike. I know. It really was a day of important firsts.

Unless you ask Forrest. That night, at our swimming/bbq/pony ride ward party... Forrest took his first ride on a pony. He hated it. Clearly. :)

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