Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hop aboard the Anniversary Train. Choo-Choo!

August is the month of love for our two families. Both of our parents, at least four of our siblings (+ spouse) and Andrew and I all celebrate wedding anniversaries in August. For my parents, this year marked their 40th year as husband and wife! To celebrate, we went to dinner at the Union Grill. Our festivities may seem simple but when you factor in the decision to not include the children, the evening felt extra special.
After dinner, we spent time enjoying the massive trains on display.
Dad, Mom, Ali, Matt and Ami
We were missing my brothers Mark (lives in Alaska)
and Mike (*insert clever, awesome excuse for not coming here*)
These two lovebirds are a few days away from their, wait for it...
TEN YEAR wedding anniversary!
I want something huge and sparkly. Okay, babe?! ;)
Matt and Allison will also celebrate their anniversary this month. A funny, well depending on who you ask, thing happened to Matt and Allison. We bounced back and forth on what night we'd go to dinner with my parents. Babysitter cancellations, late nights at work and other every day occurrences continued to interfere with our plans. I tried my best to smooth out these issues and keep my parents free of the hassle. This involved several phone calls to Matt and Ami. Long story short, too late, Ami and I settled on Friday night and confirmed with my Mom and Dad. Thursday night I received a text from Matt. He and Allison were at the restaurant and had just requested a table for eight. Whoops! I felt terrible! I apologized and tried to make up for my mistake of not keeping him in the loop in the form of an ice cream cone later that night at my house.

And this is completely off topic, but it happened. If you know me in real life, you've most likely noticed my generous sized age spot, sun spot, beauty mark on my face. It developed soon after Eliza was born (eight years ago). I went to the dermatologist this week and had it removed via a laser. It was intense. The smell of the skin burning off my face was less than pleasant but I'm so happy I had this done (plus to moles were removed). It looked mean and angry the first week, but has improved a lot in recent days.  

Here's how it looked a day after the procedure. I'll post an "after" picture when it's better.
See you, bye!!

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